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State Project Monitoring Unit

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State Project Monitoring Unit Name Designation Mobile Number Email id Profile Photo
1 Mr. Chaudhury Shripati Mishra Team Leader Mr. Chaudhury Shripati Mishra
2 Mr. Subrat Kumar Pradhan Financial Inclusion Specialist Mr. Subrat Kumar Pradhan
3 Mr. Soumit Misra Market Linkage Specialist Mr. Soumit Misra
4 Mr. Sujit Kumar Lala Monitoring & Evaluation Specialist Mr. Sujit Kumar Lala
5 Mrs. Namita Palo Publicity & IEC Specialist Mrs. Namita Palo
6 Mrs. Bijaylaxmi Jena Human Resource Specialist Mrs. Bijaylaxmi Jena
7 Mr. Nabakishore Parida Livelihood & Skill Development Specialist Mr. Nabakishore Parida
8 Mr. Soumyaranjan Swain Institution & Capacity Building Specialist Mr. Soumyaranjan Swain
9 Ms. Pritiprava Mishra Accountant Ms. Pritiprava Mishra
10 Ms. Itishree Mishra Office Assistant Ms. Itishree Mishra
11 Mr. Manoj Kumar Routray Junior Assistant Mr. Manoj Kumar Routray