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Department of Mission Shakti Government of Odisha

Food Supplies & Consumer Welfare Department

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Food Supplies & Consumer Welfare Department

Paddy Procurement

Paddy procurement operations involving SHGs was successfully piloted in 17 Gram Panchayats of Kalahandi district engaging 17 SHGs during Rabi season of 2018-19. 24,71,96 quintals of paddy were procured in the Rabi crop in Kalahandi district resulting in a turnover of Rs. 43.26 cr, with commission earning by SHGs amounting to Rs. 77.25 lakh, an average of Rs 4.5 lakh per group.

Witnessing remarkable success in paddy procurement by SHGs in Kalahandi district, State Government decided to engage more SHGs in paddy procuring districts in subsequent seasons. Capable SHGs are selected by the district level committees followed by training on procurement of paddy using the digital platform. Starting from checking the documents to scanning the iris and Aadhaar cards, the women members have been efficiently undertaking biometric checks, online operations, weighment of paddy bags, moisture content estimation, physical procurement and documentation in Mandis. Paddy procurement by SHGs has been well appreciated by local farmers.

During Kharif 2019-20, 23.07 lakh quintal of paddy amounting to Rs. 419 crore was procured by 199 SHGs in 11 districts accruing commission worth Rs. 7.2 crore. During Rabi 2019-20, 113 SHGs were engaged in paddy procurement in 112 GPs under 78 blocks of 8 districts. 17.58 lakh quintal of paddy amounting to Rs. 319 crore was procured generating commission worth Rs. 5.49 crore. Currently, 223 SHGs are undertaking online registration of farmers for paddy procurement during Kharif 2020-21. Till date 312 SHGs from 11 districts have been involved in paddy procurement in the state. They have cumulatively procured 43.12 lakh quintals of paddy amounting to Rs 781.26 crore earning net commission of Rs. 13.46 crore.