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About the District

The district was formed on 1st November 1949. It is flanked in the northwest by the Gandhamardan hill. Many hill streams traverse it. The name Balangir is said to have been derived from Balaramgarh, a fort built here in the 16th Century by Balram Deo, the 19th Raja of Balangir and founder of Sambalpur kingdom. The Balangir District is surrounded by Subarnapur district in east, Nuapada District in the west, Kalahandi District in the south and Bargarh District in the north. The District lies between 20 degrees 11’40 to 21 degree 05’08-degree north latitude and 82 degrees 41’15 to 83 degree 40’22 East longitude. The District covers an area of 6575

Total population of the Balangir District is 16,48,997. comprising total male population as 8,30,097 and female population as 8,18,900. The total SC population of the District is 2,94,777 and ST population is 3,47,164. Balangir District has 3 subdivisions, 14 Tahasils, 14 Blocks, 2 Municipalities, 3 NACs, 18 Police stations and 285 gram panchayats.

The predominant soil groups found in the Balangir District are Black, Red, Mixed Red and Alluvial soils. Over 70 percent of the population depends on agriculture. The present cultivable area in the District is 3,45,650 hect. In the District paddy is the principal crop, which accounts for 61 percent of gross cropped area. The other important crops grown in the District are pulses grown in 14 percent of the cropped area followed by oil seeds, which is grown in 3 percent, fibre in 4 percent, vegetable in 2 percent and other food crops like spices and condiments etc.

For the socio-economic development of women WSHGs are formed under Mission Shakti in Balangir district. At present more than 22,000 of WSHGs are existing in the district. They are involved in different income generating activities like THR making, MDM, Pisciculture, terracotta, incense sticks, Fruit and vegetable cultivation, weaving, Badi, papad, spieces etc making and improve their financial conditions. They are also involved in many social activities like anti-alcohol movement, tree plantation, immunization, sanitation etc.

Community Institutions
Name of the ICDS Project Name of the BLF Leader No. of GPLFs No. of SHGs
Agalpur Mahila Shakti Sanchayika Mahasangha Pre – Bishnupriya Hota
Sec – Sebati Dora
20 1,517
Bangomunda Shakti Sanchayeeka Mahasangha Pre – Krishna Kumari Nayak
Sec – Sangita Tandy
26 1,798
Belpada Samprati Shakti Sanchayika Mahasangha, Belpara Pre – Sujata Mishra
Sec – Surjyakanti Meher
24 1,389
Balangir Sankalpa Shakti Sanchayika  Mahasangha Pre – Manjulata Bag
Sec – Janhabi Harpal
25 2144
Deogaon Shakti Sanchayeeka Mahasangha Pre – Nirabati Podh
Sec – Sita Dip
26 1,589
Gudevela Pragati Shakti Sanchayika Mahasangha Pre – Supriya Nag
Sec – Jasobanti Rana
13 861
Khaprakhol Maa Arnapurna Sanchayika Mahasangha Pre – Kalyani Deep
Sec – Kuni Panigrahi
21 1,517
Loisingha Adya Shakti Sanchayika Mahasangha Pre – Malati Sa
Sec – Banita Padhan
18 1,747
Muribahal Rani Laxmibai Shakti Sanchayika Mahasangha Pre – Sabitri Mahananda
Sec – Pushpa Ghibela
22 1,757
Patnagarh Akankhya Sakti Sanchayeeka Mahasangha Pre – Beena pani Pradhan
Sec – Anandini Biswal
30 2,134
Puintala Jagruti Shakti Sanchayika Mahasangha Pre – Subarna Padhan
Sec – Jukta Naik
25 1,606
Saintala Annapurna Shakti Sanchayika Mahasangha, Saintala Pre – Geeta Das
Sec – JayantiPadhan
22 1,655
Titlagarh Mamata Skhati Sanchyika Mahasangha, Titilagarh Pre -Kainti Bahidar
Sec- Chandrakati Bagarti
24 1,681
Turekela Shakti Sanchayika Mahasangha, Turekela Pre- Prameswari Dansena
Sec – Geeta Majhi
19 1,158
District Team
Unit Name Designation Official Mail ID Contact No.
District HQ Sri. Nanku Sa, I/c DSWO  
District HQ Vacant DMSC  
District HQ Smt. Suman Dwibedi DPC 8018332833
District HQ Sri. Kuna Sahu DPACa 9937298013
ICDS- Agalpur Ms. Jyotirmayee Naik CDPO 06653-272265
ICDS- Agalpur Smt Golapi Naik BMSC 9437708868
ICDS- Agalpur Sri Satchidananda Sarangi BPC 7978883751
ICDS- Agalpur Vacant BPAcA
ICDS-Bangomunda Daudin Bara CDPO  
ICDS-Bangomunda JasodaMahanand BMSC 9937189223
ICDS-Bangomunda Ghantadev Prasad Nag BPC 6371020931
ICDS- Bangomunda Dhiraj Kumar Mahananda BPAcA 9853838926
ICDS-Belpada BharatiBadhia CDPO  
ICDS-Belpada KalpalataTripathy BMSC 9777611477
ICDS- Belpada Vacant BPC
ICDS- Belpada Vacant BPAcA
ICDS-Bolangir Ms. Salamani Soren CDPO
ICDS-Bolangir Smt. Meera Deep BMSC 7978685278
ICDS-Bolangir Sri Chinmaya Tripathy BPC 7978593532
ICDS- Balangir Sri Hrusikesh Nanda BPAcA 9658401935
ICDS-Deogaon Smt. Jayanti Swain CDPO 06652-284335
ICDS- Deogaon Dharitri Panigrahi BMSC 7606922233
ICDS- Deogaon Mr. Bhakti Bhuasan Panda BPC 9438635282
ICDS- Deogaon Prabin Kumar Majhi BPAcA 9438738312
ICDS- Gudvela Smt. Pratima Chopdar CDPO  
ICDS- Gudvela Mousumi Maity BMSC 9437639523
ICDS- Gudvela Sri Nirmala Chandra Pradhan BPC 9439023433
ICDS- Gudvela Vacant BPAcA
ICDS-Khaprakhol Smt Pramila Mohanty CDPO 06658271140
ICDS-Khaprakhol Smt Pankajini Mishra BMSC 6370605813
ICDS-Khaprakhol Vacant BPC
ICDS-Khaprakhol Sri Laxmi Narayan Bishi BPAcA 9668777697
ICDS- Loisingha Smt. Pragyan Mayee Barik CDPO 06653-274113
ICDS- Loisingha Smt. Puspanjali Sahu BMSC 8917695887
ICDS- Loisingha Miss Swarnaprava Nag BPC 9040076951
ICDS- Loisingha Abhinandan Swain BPAcA 9777755927
ICDS-Muribahal Smt. Sarasi Panda CDPO 06655-272018
ICDS-Muribahal Smt. Brundabati Takri BMSC 7749836764
ICDS-Muribahal Vacant BPC
ICDS-Muribahal Sri Balaram Bhoi BPAcA 9658213500
ICDS-Patanagarh Smt Anupama Panda CDPO 06658-222404
ICDS-Patanagarh Smt Ajodhya Dharua BMSC 8895964113
ICDS-Patanagarh Mr. Bibhuti Bhusan Mishra BPC 9658031286
ICDS-Patnagarh Sri Biswajit Meher BPAcA 8457936730
ICDS Puintala Mrs.NirupamaPani CDPO 06652-272018
ICDS Puintala Mrs.SusamaPadhi BMSC 8895558778
ICDS Puintala Sujata Mallick BPC 9337370813
ICDS-Puintala Sri Barun Ku Seth BPAcA 9439146997
ICDS-Saintala Smt. Sabita Das CDPO 06655-256160
ICDS-Saintala Smt. Pravat Nalini Panda BMSC 9437037049
ICDS-Saintala Mr. Diptimaya Pradhan BPC 9439540330
ICDS-Saintala Sri Ranjit Naik BPAcA 9853355046
ICDS -Titilagarh Smt. Murmayee Bhoi CDPO  
ICDS -Titilagarh Hemalata Biswal BMSC 7894653323
ICDS -Titilagarh Sri Pitambar Bag BPC 7894670706
ICDS-Titilagarh Sri Hrudananda Majhi BPAcA 8917274941
ICDS-Turekela Smt. Sarita Pattnaik CDPO 06657-282278
ICDS-Turekela Pramoda Panigrahi BMSC 9937333161
ICDS-Turekela Vacant BPC
ICDS-Turekela Sri Binod Ku Majhi BPAcA 9937219274
District Initiatives

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