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Department of Mission Shakti Government of Odisha


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About the District

Balasore is one of the coastal Districts of Odisha. It lies on the northern most part of the state. It was a part of the ancient Kalinga which later became a territory of Toshal or Utkal, till the death of Mukunda Dev. Balasore as a separate District was created in October 1828. originally it was in Bengal presidency.
This district consists of two subdivisions namely Balasore and Nilagiri. There are 12 Tahasils for 12 Blocks of the district. There are 15 ICDS Projects working in both Rural and Urban Area. Balasore is the main town of the district and is also its centre of economic growth. The primary occupation of people in the district is cultivation. Being an agrarian economy, agriculture is the main stay of the people of Balasore District. It collectively provides conducive infrastructure for the growth of agriculture in the region. Rice, Pulses, oil seeds like groundnut, mustard, castor and linseed are grown in the District of Balasore. Coconut tree is also the main source of livelihoods of the Women in this district. The coir, Coco product made by the WSHG members have high demand in out side the state. Balasore one of the Finest Coir Cluster in the State. The Betel Leaf, Betele Nut and the Jute are the economical sources of the Rural Women. Many Small Cottage idustries are running on these products.

Education has played an important role here, both before and after Independence. At present many primary and secondary schools imparting education both in English medium and Odia medium. Many degree colleges, law colleges, colleges of education, engineering schools, song and music colleges, art and craft colleges, industrial training institutes, management colleges and computer institutes, AIIMS, Medical Colleges, Universities are found at different places in the district.
Fakir Mohan Senapati famously known as Vyasa Kabi, Laxmi Narayana Sahu, Radhanath Ray , Bagha Jatin are the prominent personalities born in Balasore District. Many fairs and festivals celebrated here throughout the year. Main festivals are Durga Puja, Siva Ratri, Raja Parva, Makar Sankranti, Kali Puja, Ganesh Chaturthi, Car festival and Dola Purnima. Balasore District is famous for the most attarctive and enjoyable game, Akhada, played during Durga Puja and during Moharrum by Muslims.

There are beautiful sea beaches and many temples attract local and national tourists. Chandipur, Talasari sea beach, Chawmukh sea beach, Kashaphal sea beach are the famous sea beaches of the District. Temples like Panchalingeswar, Khirochora Gopinath, Langaleswar, Laxmannath, Chandaneswar, Maninageswar are the point of attractions.

Community Institutions
Name of the ICDS Project Name of the BLF Leader No. of GPLFs No. of SHGs
Bahanaga Jangyaseni Mahasangha Pre-Arnapurna sahoo
Sec-Rasmibala Das
24 1956
Balasore MPL Balasore Muncipality Mission Shakti Federation Pre- Aparna Sahoo
Sec- Namita Barik
0 599
Balasore-1 Biswa Shakti Mahasangha Pre- Pravati Hota
Sec- Gita Rani Das
18 1375
Balasore-2 Biswa Shanti Mahasangha Pre- Sabita Rana
Sec- Chandrakanti Jena
19 1652
Baliapal Mahasangha Sabala Pre- Mayarani Chakrabarty
Sec- Sushama Dutta
28 2260
Basta Astha  Federation Pre-Anushaya Baug
Sec-Manjulta Dalai
31 1768
Bhograi Jagatjanani Federation Pre-Kanakalata Nayak
Sec- Sumati Patra
32 3386
Bhograi-2 Bijaylaxmi Federation Pre – Madhusmita Parida
Sec – Kananbala Patra
18 1543
Jaleswar Subarna Mahasangha Pre- Niyati Raj
Sec-Banita Giri
35 2863
Khaira Pratyasa  Federation Pre- Rasmita Mohapatra
Sec- Sumitra Mohapatra
37 3133
Nilagiri Swarnachuda Mahila Mahasangha Pre-Saraswati Patra
Sec- Vilasini Parida
25 2060
Oupada Maa Gayatri Mahasangha Pre- Deepti Mohanty
Sec-Jayanati Barik
11 1055
Remuna Kalyani Federation Pre- Champa Sen
Sec- Usha Parihary
36 2713
Simulia Jangyaseni Mahasangha Pre- Basanti Bhoi
Sec-Rashmita Jena
22 1736
Soro Swayam Sidha  Mahasangha Pre-Durgabati Dash
Sec-Ranjulata Sahoo
24 1950
District Team
Unit Name Designation Official Mail ID Contact No.
District HQ Kusuma Mala Mishra DSWO 06782-262406
District HQ Jagneswari Panda DMSC 9437288360
District HQ Biswajit Parida DPC 06782-263160
District HQ Snigdha Behera DPAcA 9668808988
ICDS – BAHANAGA Basanti Main CDPO 06788-236665
ICDS – BAHANAGA Priyanka Mallick BMSC 8763731430
ICDS – BAHANAGA Suchismita Parida BPC 9438057637
ICDS – BAHANAGA Pritirekha Sing BPAcA 7064051161
ICDS – BALASORE MPL Shubashree Dash BMSC 9437657810
ICDS – BALASORE MPL Dilip Kumar Panda- I/c BPAcA 6371294415
ICDS – BALASORE  SADAR Shantilata Sethi CDPO 06782-260501
ICDS – BALASORE  SADAR Sushree Saswati Dey BMSC 9439223350
ICDS – BALASORE  SADAR Nibedita Mohanty, I/C BPC 9583037067
ICDS – BALASORE  SADAR-RURAL Tanushree Mishra CDPO 06782-262656
ICDS – BALASORE  SADAR-RURAL Indira patra BMSC 8337904796
ICDS – BALIAPAL Puspalata Patra I/C CDPO 06781-253617
ICDS – BALIAPAL Archana Singh BMSC 9938855088
ICDS – BALIAPAL Rajkishor Pradhan BPC 9438064185
ICDS – BASTA Champa Murmu CDPO 06781-213708
ICDS – BASTA Pradeepta Jena BMSC 8105320872
ICDS – BASTA Gajendra Nath Mallik BPC 9437384151
ICDS – BASTA Rebati Behera BPAcA 9853470765
ICDS – BHOGRAI Bharati Sahu CDPO 06781-231277
ICDS – BHOGRAI Kanchanlata Behera BMSC 8249241209
ICDS – BHOGRAI Ambika Gharai BPAcA 9776803119
ICDS – BHOGRAI- RURAL Puspalata Patra CDPO 06781-253617
ICDS – BHOGRAI- RURAL Rashmirekha Prusty BMSC 8456076890
ICDS – BHOGRAI- RURAL Ambika Gharai BPAcA 9776803119
ICDS – JALESWAR Diptimayee Puthal CDPO 06781-222545
ICDS – JALESWAR Parbati Hembram BMSC 9348634737
ICDS – JALESWAR Lopamudra Parida BPC 9583479480
ICDS – JALESWAR Subrat Sahoo BPAcA 7978414702
ICDS – KHAIRA Ranju rani Das CDPO 06788-233276
ICDS – KHAIRA Subhashree Sa BMSC 9040525743
ICDS – KHAIRA Prasanna Ku Pahan BPC 8249931501
ICDS – KHAIRA Sanjay Patra BPAcA 7008750319
ICDS – NILAGIRI Labanya Rout, I/C CDPO 06782-233087
ICDS – NILAGIRI Sradhanjali Sethi BMSC 7008246699
ICDS – NILAGIRI Swaleha Anjum BPC 08248593320
ICDS – NILAGIRI Jasmin Das BPAcA 8249416361
ICDS – OUPADA Saubhagya Rout CDPO 06782-279853
ICDS – OUPADA Jabamani Hembram BMSC 7008718634
ICDS – OUPADA Benazir Gandhi BPC 9778189936
ICDS – OUPADA Narendra Kumar Majhi BPAcA 7978257463
ICDS – REMUNA Sagarika Dutta CDPO 06782-224448
ICDS – REMUNA Swarnalata Das BMSC 9439061899
ICDS – REMUNA Satyabrata Dey BPC 9937455706
ICDS – REMUNA Dillip Kumar Panda BPAcA 6371294415
ICDS – SIMULIA Sanjubala Behera CDPO 06788-239095
ICDS – SIMULIA Anima Barik BMSC 9937128422
ICDS – SIMULIA Rashmita Ghadia BPC 7788991962
ICDS – SIMULIA Sanjaya Patra, I/C BPAcA 7008750319
ICDS – SORO Kanchanmala Mahanty CDPO 06788-221491
ICDS – SORO Jayanti Mishra BMSC 8249134463
ICDS – SORO Tanaya Kumar Rout BPC 9437047168
ICDS – SORO Gita Nath BPAcA 7008903134
District Initiatives
  • Coir Cluster has been Established at Bhograi Block under MSME, Govt of India to enhance the Livelihoods of the WSHGs and Rural Artisians
District Photo Gallery