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Department of Mission Shakti Government of Odisha

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About the District

Jajpur district was founded by ‘Jajati Keshari’, the Somavanshi King in early 10th century. The district takes its name from its headquarter town called Jajpur. The history of the Jajpur district from time immemorial is synonymous with the Goddess Biraja and its place of worship named as Biraja Khetra. The Jajpur district came into being on 1st April 1993. Prior to that it was part of Cuttack district which was divided into four districts. The district is bounded by Keonjhar and Bhadrak districts on its north, Cuttack on its south, Dhenkanal district on its east and Kendrapada district on its west. Jajpur district has one sub-division namely Jajpur. There are 10 Tehsils, 10 Blocks, 311 GPs, 1781 villages and 18 police stations functioning in the district. Economy of the district is agrarian in nature. Agriculture and mining play dominant role in the economy of the district. In recent years, Jajpur district has taken major strides in industrial development.

There are 3 lakh women organised into 25 thousand Self Help Groups across Jajpur district. Women SHGs in the district are involved in diverse activities like supplying Take Home Ration under the ICDS programme, electricity meter reading & billing, pisciculture, handicrafts and weaving.

Community Institutions
Name of the ICDS Project Name of the BLF Leader No. of GPLFs No. of SHGs
BADACHANA Mission Shakti Fedration Pre – Kichina Mohapatra
Sec -Jyostnarani Lenka
24 1802
BADACHANA-R Aradhya Mahila Federation Pre – Pramila Jena
Sec -Madhabi Biswal
19 1614
BARI Janhabi Mahasangha Pre – Jyostna Rani Nathasharma
Sec -Kanchanbala Jena
29 2106
BINJHARPUR     9 2607
DANAGADI Bijayalaxmi Mahasangha Pre – Keshilata Rout
Sec – Kousalya Bal
23 2051
DASARATHPUR       2115
DHARMASALA Baba Gokarneswar Mahagangha Pre – Renubala Satpathy
Sec – Shantilata Dash
39 3354
JAJPUR     1 2546
KOREI Trishakti Mahasangha Pre – Kumudini Swain
Sec   – Basanti Prusty
22 2089
RASULPUR Maa Biraja Mahasangha Pre – Ahalya Mandal
Sec   – Sushama Das
28 2531
SUKINDA     25 2259
District Team
Unit Name Designation Official Mail ID Contact No.
District HQ Smt. Bijalayaxmi Panda DSWO 9438582613
District HQ Smt. Nandini Prava Lenka DMSC   9437298104
District HQ Smt. Sephali Swagatika DPC 8763761034
District HQ Sri Jay Prakash Behera DPAcA 7328049661
ICDS – Badachana Smt. Padmaja Kanungo CDPO 8249100951
ICDS – Badachana Smt. Urbashi Samal BMSC 8249381117
ICDS – Badachana Sri Jnanindra Kumar Swain BPC 7735672757
ICDS – Badachana Sri Jyotiprakash Singh BPAcA 9937323214
ICDS – Badachana (Rural) Smt. Padmaja Kanungo (I/C) CDPO 8249100951
ICDS – Badachana (Rural) Smt. Pramila Sahoo BMSC 9437811457
ICDS – Badachana (Rural) Vacant BPC  
ICDS – Badachana (Rural) Vacant BPAcA  
ICDS – Bari Smt. Praneswari Panigrahi CDPO 9777959958
ICDS – Bari Smt. Malati Sahoo BMSC 8917604995
ICDS – Bari Sri Sangram Kumar Behera BPC 8908406866
ICDS – Bari Sri Ratikanta Jena BPAcA 9439862657
ICDS – Binjharpur Vacant CDPO  
ICDS – Binjharpur Smt. Harapriya Barik BMSC 9090176914
ICDS – Binjharpur Sri Laxmisankar Senapati BPC 7008067329
ICDS – Binjharpur Smt. Sashmita Swain BPAcA 9337184150
ICDS – Danagadi Smt. Debaki Patra CDPO 9439736119
ICDS – Danagadi Smt. Nirmala Dash BMSC 9853586643
ICDS – Danagadi Sri Bholanath Senapaty BPC 9437731737
ICDS – Danagadi Sri Manas Ranjan Swain BPAcA 9132747410
ICDS – Dasarathpur Smt. Manjula Rath CDPO 9437417597
ICDS – Dasarathpur Smt. Aparna Pati BMSC 8249722386
ICDS – Dasarathpur Sri Sanjay Kumar Malik BPC 9437841795
ICDS – Dasarathpur Sri Gangadhar Behera BPAcA 8249695946
ICDS – Dharmasala Smt. Sanjukta Sahoo CDPO 7978557638
ICDS – Dharmasala Smt. Sabita Sethy BMSC 9861330290
ICDS – Dharmasala Sri Nirmal Kumar Das BPC 8658959422
ICDS – Dharmasala Miss Sujata Mohapatra BPAcA 7978634819
ICDS – Jajpur Smt. Sarita Nayak CDPO 9237137900
ICDS – Jajpur Miss Subhasmita Panda BMSC 7008248593
ICDS – Jajpur Smt. Gitarani Panda BPC 9439372165
ICDS – Jajpur Smt. Madhuchanda Das BPAcA 7853981834
ICDS – Korei Smt. Snehalata Sahoo CDPO 9437436121
ICDS – Korei Smt. Puspalata Parida BMSC 8018036045
ICDS – Korei Smt. Priyanka Mohanty BPC 8093431865
ICDS – Korei Sri Biswaprakash Jena BPAcA 9437920099
ICDS – Rasulpur Smt. Deeprtimayee Nayak CDPO 7978479969
ICDS – Rasulpur Smt. Satyabhama Behera BMSC 9337030953
ICDS – Rasulpur Smt. Sumitra Sahu BPC 9583121555
ICDS – Rasulpur Miss Ashabari Routray BPAcA 7789998301
ICDS – Sukinda Smt. Sanjukta Kanungo CDPO 9437521893
ICDS – Sukinda Miss Sasmita Jena BMSC 9556093249
ICDS – Sukinda Sri Khitish Kumar Das BPC 9861208037
ICDS – Sukinda Sri Amarjyoti Malik BPAcA 9090873185
District Initiatives
  • District administration has provided a market complex named “MAHILA HATA” at Barabati, Rasulpur Block for WSHGs for facilitating marketing of their produce at a fair price.
District Photo Gallery