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Department of Mission Shakti Government of Odisha

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About the District

Kandhamal revenue district came into existence on 1st January 1994 after Phulbani District was divided into Kandhamal and Boudh District of Odisha.The District lies between 19 degree 34′ to 20 degree 36′ north latitude and 83 degree 34′ to 84 degree 34′ east longitude. Kandhamal experiences sub-tropical hot and dry climate in summer. Dry and cold climate in winter. The maximum temperature recorded in the District is 45.5 degree C. and minimum temperature is 2.0 degree C. the average annual rainfall recorded is 1522.95 mm. The Kandhamal district covering a geographical area of 7654 sq km is bounded by Boudh district in the north, by Rayagada district in the South, by Ganjam and Nayagarh district in the East and Kalahandi District in the West. The Kandhamal is bestowed with the beauty of nature .It has wild life, scenic beauty ,healthy climate, and serpentine ghat roads for the tourists .It has attractions like panoramic coffee gardens, pine jungles, Ghat roads ,hills and water falls, virgin forest and typical tribal village life. Almost 66 percent of the land area of the District is covered with dense forests and towering mountains rich in green meadows at the attitude of 2000 feet to 3000 feet, the terraced valleys thronged with these colourful tribal in their natural heritage, dancing and sporting has its own appeal.

Now in kandhamal district there are around 14721 group has been formed. Recently SHGs have engaged in different Government Programmes like tailoring, Pisciculture, Poultry, Electrical meter reading, supply of pre-school uniform, supplying of Chatua to AWCs and attending different State and District melas to sell their products etc as part of their income generating activities and livelihood.

Community Institutions
Name of the ICDS Project Name of the BLF Leader No. of GPLFs No. of SHGs
Balliguda Maa Patakhanda Blok Federation Pre – Smt. Malasini Digal
Sec – Smt. Mini Pradhan
14 1379
Chakapad Dibyajyoti Block Level Federation Pre – Smt. Sanjukta Pradhan
Sec – Smt.Jasmini Nayak
12 1078
Daringbadi Kashmira Mahasangha Pre – Smt. Rashmidevi Nayak
Sec – Smt.Nandini Ranasingh
25 1997
G.Udayagiri Alok Sikha Block Federation Pre – Smt. Kumudini Digal
Sec – Smt. Bijayalaxmi Pradhan
8 786
K.Nuagam Block Level Federaion,K.Nuagam Pre – Smt. Minakhi Patra
Sec – Smt. Rojalini Pradhan
14 1058
Kotagarh Sukha Sansara Block Federation Pre – Smt. Nura Rana
Sec – Smt. Parbati Panda
15 958
Khajuripada Matrushakti Mahasangha Pre – Chanchala Nayak
Sec – Nalini Behera
14 1326
Phiringia Maa Baraladevi Mahasangha Pre – Smt. Mamuni Pradha
Sec – Smt. Bishnu priya
24 1672
Phulbani Swayam Shakti Blocl Level Federation Pre – Smt. Pratima Sahani
Sec – Smt. Resma Digal
11 819
Raikia Dibyajyoti Mahasangha Pre – Smt. Soudamini Nayak
Sec – Smt. Santilata Nayak
12 1145
Taikabali Satyajyoti Mahasangh Pre – Sarajini Dehuri
Sec – Panchami Patra
11 592
Tumudibandh Sibani Mission Shakti Block Level Federation Pre – Smt. Runi Lima
Sec – Smt. Manjulata Pattnaik
11 991
District Team
Unit Name Designation Official Mail ID Contact No.
District HQ Manaswini Mishra DSWO 9438663340
District HQ Smt. Sandhyarani Panda DMSC 9438652444
District HQ Shri Sunil Kumar Mallick DPC 8895960988
District HQ Pravakar Pradhan DPAcA 8249422417
ICDS – Balliguda Smt. Anita Kumari Dash CDPO 8249046061
ICDS – Balliguda Smt. Anjali Pradhan BMSC 8280053730
ICDS – Balliguda Alok Kumar Nayak BPC 9438211801
ICDS – Balliguda Suresh Mallick BPAcA 9439117433
ICDS – Chakapad Smt. Aliala Pradhan CDPO 9439424082
ICDS – Chakapad Smt. Kalpana Satapathy BMSC 9438231087
ICDS – Chakapad Mr. Binoda Pradhan BPC 9439925056
ICDS – Chakapad Smt.Smrutilipi Sahu BPAcA 8280863483
ICDS – Daringbadi Smt. Meena Patra CDPO 9437188345
ICDS – Daringbadi Smt. Sankuntala Nayak BMSC 9437065338
ICDS – Daringbadi Saroj Kumar Digal BPC 9438149964
ICDS – Daringbadi Smt.Pravasini Pradhan BPAcA 9439709283
ICDS – G.Udayagiri Smt. Malaya Mishra I/C CDPO 9437841451
ICDS – G.Udayagiri Smt.Sochala Behera BMSC 8895597259
ICDS – G.Udayagiri Sisir Kant Digal BPC 9438694940
ICDS – G.Udayagiri Kabita Gamanga BPAcA 9439681553
ICDS – K. Nuagam Smt. Droupadi Kanhar CDPO 9438716499
ICDS – K. Nuagam Smt. Bishnupriya Sahu BMSC 8249390382
ICDS – K. Nuagam Sri Sanoj Kumar Jena BPC 9937872911
ICDS – K. Nuagam Samanta Sekhar Pradhan BPAcA 9439545496
ICDS – Kotagarh Smt. Pratima Praddhan I/C CDPO 9437646051
ICDS – Kotagarh Smt. Kadambini Digal BMSC 6370286622
ICDS – Kotagarh Mr. Baidyanath Mallick BPC 8328980846
ICDS – Kotagarh Malaya Mandal BPAcA 9692258218
ICDS – Khajuripada Smt. Geetanjali Panda CDPO 9437822423
ICDS – Khajuripada Smt. Kamalini Nayak BMSC 9438342842
ICDS – Khajuripada Mr. Pradeep Kumar Bhoi BPC 9439048456
ICDS – Khajuripada Smt.Jhulana Dehuri BPAcA 8280806394
ICDS – Phulbani Smt. Subarnamala Nayak CDPO 9437770130
ICDS – Phulbani Smt.Krishna Kumari Behera BMSC 8328839998
ICDS – Phulbani Smt. Dipti Rani Pattanayak BPC 7609080179
ICDS – Phulbani Manini Nayak BPAcA 8763543605
ICDS – Phiringia Smt. Manjulata Pradhan CDPO 9437381514
ICDS – Phiringia Smt. Ratnabati Behera BMSC 7978163803
ICDS – Phiringia Mr. Badal Nayak BPC 9439193176
ICDS – Phiringia Dwitikrusna Kanhar BPAcA 9438257652
ICDS – Raikia Smt. Malaya Mishra CDPO 9437841451
ICDS – Raikia Smt. Jharana Sundari pradhan BMSC 9438448241
ICDS – Raikia Sri. Kalakrushna Kanhar BPC 9438554173
ICDS – Raikia Smt Anjana Pradhan BPAcA 9438051926
ICDS – Tikabali Smt. Panamani Hansda CDPO 8895114308
ICDS – Tikabali Smt. Sudharani Pradhan BMSC 9437075605
ICDS – Tikabali Mikhael Pradhan BPC 9078541671
ICDS – Tikabali Debaraj Mallik BPAcA 9439239942
ICDS – Tumudibandha Smt. Pratima Praddhan CDPO 9437646051
ICDS – Tumudibandha Smt.Urvasi Digal BMSC 9439234055
ICDS – Tumudibandha Mr. Rajendra Majhiaseth BPC 7008281163
ICDS – Tumudibandha Babuli Nayak BPAcA 8895833935
District Initiatives
  • Pisciculture
  • Tailoring
  • Poultry
  • Electrical Meter Reading
  • Mushroom Cultivation
  • Aahar centre management
District Photo Gallery