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About the District

Nayagarh district is one of the princely states of India from the period of British Raj. It comprises of an area of 3890 sq km with a human population of 962786 as per 2011 census. It has 8 Blocks, 8 Tahasils and 14 Police Stations. The literacy rate in the district is 80.42%. Nayagarh district was created in the year 1992, earlier it was part of Puri District. It is a hill station so far as the natural scenery is concerned. Nayagarh District consist of four Gajrats namely Ranpur, Nayagarh, Khandapada, and Daspalla. Nayagarh is surrounded by Cuttack in the north, Kandhamal in the west, Ganjam in the south and Khordha in the east. This princely state was set up in the thirteenth century and considered as an important part of political history of Odisha. King Suryamani of Baghela dynasty came from Madhya Pradesh to Puri on pilgrimage and later established his kingdom at Nayagarh.

The district experiences a tropical climate with the hot summers and cold winters. The district experiences well above 40 degree Celsius during summer and as low as 10 degree Celsius during winters. Rainfall is generally heavy during the monsoons which ranges from July to August. South west rainfall is generally responsible for the rainfall in the district.

Nayagarh is a well cultivated region. This district generates revenue from farming and other allied activities. Tropical climate and soil are favourable for taking up agro horticultural activities. Rice, vegetables and fruits are produced in this region. The economy is primarily based on forest based livelihoods and agriculture. The district has huge vegetation with forest products as natural resource. The WSHGs have been engaged in forest related activities, pisciculture, vegetable cultivation, weaving, traditional toy making and electricity meter reading and electricity charges collection.

The average literacy level is 80.42% out of which male and female literacy rates are 88.16% and 77.05% respetively. It is one of the advanced districts in regard to education in the state. There are many educational institutes in Nayagarh. Raghunath Samabaya Mahabidyalaya, Ranpur College, Pathani Samantha College, Nayagarh Autonomous college are some of the well-known educational institutes of Nayagarh District.

This district celebrates many festivals round the year. Ravanpodi at Daspalla, Pana Sankrati at Dakhinakali Nayagarh, Shivaratri at Ladubaba Sarankul, Magha Saptami at Kantilo, Ram Navami at Odagaon are some of the important festivals celebrated in the district.

Nayagarh has many tourist places which attract visitors from all over the country.  The Satakosia Ganda with water course spread about 22 km is a picturesque sight. The most popular places of tourism are Kantilo Nilamadhaba Temple, Dutikeswara Temple of Jamupatana, Raghunath Jiu Temple of Odagaon, Goddess Maninaga of Ranpur, Balunkeswar Temple of Sarankul and many more heritage sites. Nayagarh is famous for the princely forts of the princely state situated at Ranpur, Daspalla & Khandapada. The Banchaniddhi pathagara and Aurobindo Sangrahalaya possess rich content of literature and culture. There are about 5 lakh books and dictionaries in different languages. It has a rich collection of 42 sections of rare scripture, minerals, art, craft, coins, amours and postal Stamps.

Community Institutions
Name of the ICDS Project Name of the BLF Contact No. of GPLFs No. of SHGs
Bhapur Matrushakti Pre – Lilly Barad, Mob – 9853860850 7 1489
Daspalla Matrushakti block level federation Pre – Sabita Sahoo
Sec – Satyavama Sahu
22 2069
Gania Matrushakti Mahasangha Gania Pre – Sujata Mishra, Mob – 9938147977
Sec – Ranjulata Panda, Mob – 9348224871
8 672
Khandapada Matrushakti Sanchayika Samiti Pre – Chhabirani Behera, Mob – 9178717800
Sec – Pramodini Mishra
0 1874
Nayagarh Block Matru Shakti Pre – Kuntala Hathi
Sec – Mina Kumari Swain, Mob – 9937739751
0 2194
Nuagaon Block Matrushakti Federation Pre – Nalini Prabha Dash, Mob – 9861122740
Sec – Santilata Pradhan, Mob – 9776339684
22 570
Odagaon  Matrushakti Sanchaya Sangha Pre- Sanjulata Swain, Mob -9668805920 36 850
Ranpur Matrushakti Pre – Satyabhama Nanda, Mob – 9937078302
Sec -Charulata Devi, Mob – 9583300281
37 2165
District Team
Name Designation Unit Official Mail ID Contact No.
Sri Bhuleswar Konhar DSWO District HQ 9437973192
Smt. Gitanjali Routray DMSC District HQ   8658268070
Smt. Samidha Padhi DPC District HQ 9861253526
Ms. Rosalin Behera DPAcA District HQ   9938649956
Smt.Renubala Nanda CDPO Bhapur ICDS 9348189174
Nirojini Sahoo BMSC Bhapur ICDS   9348329053
Smt. Bharati Pattnaik BPC Bhapur ICDS   9938979614
Vacant BPAcA Bhapur ICDS    
Smt. Reena Sarita Lawrence CDPO Daspalla ICDS 9437083037
Smt. Padmalaya Satpathy BMSC Daspalla ICDS   8917363711
Sri. Prabhakar Das BPC Daspalla ICDS   9938229503
Vacant BPAcA Daspalla ICDS    
Smt. Laxmi dash CDPO Gania ICDS 9437770454
Smt. Tuni Das BMSC Gania ICDS   9668846263
Sri Pramod Kumar Behera BPC Gania ICDS   6370113256
Vacant BPAcA Gania ICDS    
Smt. Bandana Devi CDPO Khandapada ICDS 8328902102
Santosini Pani BMSC Khandapada ICDS   9853955866
Sri. Soumya Saswat Mishra BPC Khandapada ICDS   7008788767
Vacant BPAcA Khandapada ICDS    
Smt. Arati Tripathy CDPO Nayagarh ICDS 8249405301
Smt. Arati Sarangi BMSC Nayagarh ICDS   7978180776
Smt. Sasmita Mallick BPC Nayagarh ICDS   8328840796
Vacant BPAcA Nayagarh ICDS    
Smt. Sanjulata Konhar-CDPO-I/c CDPO Nuagaon ICDS 8249405301
Anupma Das BMSC Nuagaon ICDS   9668186958
Sri. Dillip Kumar Nayak BPC Nuagaon ICDS   9439327389
Vacant BPAcA Nuagaon ICDS    
Smt. Chudamani Murmu-PO-I/c CDPO Odagaon ICDS 8455915505
Smt.Prabhasini Mishra BMSC Odagaon ICDS   9438484805
Sri. Prakash chandra Patra BPC Odagaon ICDS   8328843788
Vacant BPAcA Odagaon ICDS    
Smt. Bramhotri Mishra CDPO Ranpur ICDS 9438068655
Smt. Sarat Manjari Behera BMSC Ranpur ICDS   9937157724
Sri. Mrutyunjay Behera BPC Ranpur ICDS   9556361707
Vacant BPAcA Ranpur ICDS  
District Initiatives
  • 37 SHGs tagged to GP tanks for pisciculture in convergence with the Directorate of Fisheries.
  • 131 SHGs engaged in electrical meter reading and bill collection in Nayagarh Electrical Division.
District Photo Gallery