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About the District

Puri is a coastal district of Odisha with a total area of 3749.00 sq km. This district comprises of 1722 revenue villages, 268 Gram Panchayats including 1 parliamentary constituency & 6 assembly constituencies. It has one sub-division, 11 tahasils and 11 blocks. Puri is the only municipality of the district. Konark, Pipili and Nimapara are the three NACs in this district. Satyabadi, Gop, Kakatpur and Brahmagiri are major Semi-urban areas. The district has been named after its headquarter town of Puri. The Puri district lies around the latitudes 19° and longitudes 84° 29′ E. It has a geographical area of 3051 km2 or 264988 Ha. It has varied geographical and geological divisions depending upon the available rock types, soil, vegetation, water bodies and climate. The culture of Puri reflects the ethos of Odisha society. Puri is one of the fascinating littoral districts of Odisha. The monuments and religious sanctity, way of life of the people with their rich tradition possess emphatically to be the cultural heart of Odisha. Puri is considered to be the cultural capital of Odisha. This temple town of Odisha is renowned throughout the world for the Jagannath Temple. The Puri town is surrounded by the Bay of Bengal. Several festivals are celebrated mostly relating to Lord Jagannath among which the world famous Car Festival is most noteworthy. Gotipua dance, Ghoda nacha, Dhuduki nacha, Jatra, Pala, Daskathia, Bhalu nacha, Mankada nacha and Navrang are some folk dances prevalent in this district.

The economy of the district is primarily Agriculture based. Paddy, vegetables and oil seeds are major agricultural crops. The total population is 16,98,730 whereas the literacy rate is 76.05%. The major agriculture based crops are mushroom, paddy and vegetables. Fishing is also one of the major sources of livelihood in Puri district. Puri being a potential tourist place, several souvenirs are produced targeting tourists. The handicrafts and cottage industry sector is very prosperous in Puri. Products include silver filigree, brassware, stone carving, horn work, appliqué work, patta chitra painting, palm leaf work, coir artefacts, terracotta etc. The villages of Raghurajpur and Pipili are particularly widely celebrated for quality handicrafts. These industries are supported chiefly by Shree Jagannath Temple and the market created by tourists in the region.

The district nurtures community based institution like SHGs, their Federations and Producer Groups (PGs). Around 31084 SHGs are functional in this district. Several Government schemes are implemented for promotion of enterprise creation among SHGs / PGs supported by Mission Shakti. Under Government convergence initiatives, livelihood opportunities, related capacity building and handholding are provided to SHGs & their Federations on agriculture, horticulture, animal husbandry, non-farm activities etc.

Community Institutions
Name of the ICDS Project Name of the BLF Leader No. of GPLFs No. of SHGs
Astaranga Upakula Mahila Swayam Sahayaka Federation Pre – Banapriya Barik
Sec – Sabita Mohanty
15 1980
Brahmagiri Sakti Rupa Block Level Federation Sec – Sasmita Sahoo 15 2547
Delanga Mission Shakti Mahila Mahasanga Pre – Bidulata Swain
Sec – Basanti Sahoo
18 2012
Gop Mahila Shakti Sanghathan Pre – Minakshi Prusty
Sec – Jawamin Dalai
32 3711
Kanas Swagatika  Shakti Sanchayika Mahila  Mahasangh Pre – Ullash Samantary
Sec – Santilata Sahoo
28 2533
Kakatpur Maa Managala BLF Pre – Charulata Khuntia
Sec – Lily Priya Sahoo
16 2183
Krushnaprasad Sagarakanya Pre -Bandana Pattanaik
Sec -Subasini Palei
21 1705
Nimapada Surakshya Prakalpa Stariya Mahasanga Pre – Saudamini Behera
Sec -Mamata Paikray
31 4803
Pipili Mahashakti Sanghathan Pre – Pramodini Dalai
Sec – Nirupama Mohapatra
20 2639
Puri Sadar Puri Sadar block Mahila Swayam Sahayak(Mission Shakti) Mahasangh Pre – Sanjukta Mekap
Sec – Saraswati Swain
30 3200
Puri Municipality Puri Municipality Mission Shakti Federation Pre – Diptirekha Routray
Sec – Smitimayee Mohanty
32 1820
Satyabadi Block Mission Shakti Mahasangha Pre – Laxmipriya Dash
Sec – Pravasini Mishra
22 1951
District Team
Unit Name Designation Official Mail ID Contact No.
District HQ Smt. Puspanjali Mohapatra DSWO 06752-223350
District HQ Piyusa Mayee Panda DMSC 8917632471
District HQ Miss Arati Shaoo DPC 7978115228
District HQ Sri Subhakant Das DPAcA 8327748897
ICDS – Astaranga Smt. Aruna Kar CDPO 06758-230439
ICDS – Astaranga Laxmipriya Mohanty BMSC 7873165674
ICDS – Astaranga Nibedita Dikhit BPC 8895195339
ICDS – Astaranga Rajasmita Sethy BPAcA 6370683087
ICDS – Brahmagiri Smt. Sanjukta Moharana CDPO 06752-235681
ICDS – Brahmagiri Smt. Tilotama Mishra BMSC 9337338044
ICDS – Brahmagiri Sasmita Nanda BPC 8249437542
ICDS – Brahmagiri Sri Tapan Kumar Jena BPAcA 9040216566
ICDS – Delanga Smt. Haramani Naik CDPO 06758-295402
ICDS – Delanga Smt. Sanghamitra Behera BMSC 9937734176
ICDS – Delanga Nandita Swain BPC 6371486900
ICDS – Delanga Rajesh kumar Mohapatra BPAcA 9040443870
ICDS – Gop Smt. Mamata Mishra CDPO 06758-295702
ICDS – Gop Smt. Anjanabala Naik BMSC 9439316553
ICDS – Gop Tikina Behera BPC 9078287827
ICDS – Gop Sri Hemanta Behera BPAcA 9078287827
ICDS – Kanas A Usharani CDPO  
ICDS – Kanas Smt. Ranjulata Dixit BMSC 7978994485
ICDS – Kanas Bijaylaxmi Behera BPC 7008024818
ICDS – Kanas Madhusmita Balabantaray BPAcA 9556235005
ICDS – Kakatpur Miss Michel Mery Xess CDPO 06758-232951
ICDS – Kakatpur Smt. Diptimayee Biswal BMSC 9938553958
ICDS – Kakatpur Nayan kumar Jena BPC 7609085566
ICDS – Kakatpur Soudamini Ojha BPAcA 7873631414
ICDS – Krushnaprasad Smt. Manorama Devi CDPO 06756-261034
ICDS – Krushnaprasad Smt. Diptirani Dandapat BMSC 7681043477
ICDS – Krushnaprasad Sabitri Paschimakabat BPC 9692047126
ICDS – Krushnaprasad Sri Amitav Biswal BPAcA 7978393978
ICDS – Nimapada Smt. Kumudini Mishra CDPO 06758-250801
ICDS – Nimapada Debaki Sahoo BMSC 9861376499
ICDS – Nimapada Debadatta Biswal BPC 7008336043
ICDS – Nimapada Sasmita Swain BPAcA 9337184150
ICDS – Pipili Smt.Subhalaxmi Pattanaik CDPO
ICDS – Pipili Smt. Sushree Sangita Samantaray BMSC 9348034215
ICDS – Pipili Swayam Mishra BPC 9439079343
ICDS – Pipili Sri Amiya Ranjan Nayak BPAcA 9090369844
ICDS – Puri Municipality Smt. Padmalaya Prusti CDPO  
ICDS – Puri Municipality Smt. Anjali Mallick BMSC 7008465181
ICDS – Puri Municipality Vacant BPC
ICDS – Puri Municipality Vacant BPAcA
ICDS – Puri Sadar Smt. Chandraprava Dei CDPO 9437528913
ICDS – Puri Sadar Smt. Sukanti Pradhan BMSC 7978621904
ICDS – Puri Sadar Debasmita Mohapatra BPC 7008152089
ICDS – Puri Sadar Mrs. Sagyan Manjari Pattnaik BPAcA 8018354730
ICDS – Satyabadi Smt. Premabala Tripathy CDPO 9437118980
ICDS – Satyabadi Babita Swain BMSC 8917457980
ICDS – Satyabadi Jyoti Jaydev BPC 9556927125
ICDS – Satyabadi Supriya Subudhi BPAcA 82249936168
District Initiatives
  • 21 Nos of WSHGs are involved in THR Preparation & distribution to AWCs for NM & PW and Child 7 months to 3 years under SNP programme.
  • 51 WSHGs are involved in MDM programme and District administration take initiatives for involvement of more WSHGs under MDM programme.
  • Encouraging Pisciculture in GP tanks with involvement of WSHGs.
  • PDS distribution through WSHGs.
  • Bank linkage to WSHGs for livelihood activities.
District Photo Gallery