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ମିଶନ ଶକ୍ତି ବିଭାଗ ଓଡ଼ିଶା ସରକାର

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About the District

Bhadrak is one of the premier districts of Odisha with a rich heritage and history of its own. As per the legend, the district has derived its name from the Goddess Bhadrakali whose temple stands on the bank of the river Salandi. Bhadrak was a Sub-division of Baleswar district prior to its declaration as district vide Govt. of Odisha notification No. DRC -44/93-14218 Dated 27.03.1993; it came into existence on 01.04.1993. The district is bounded by Baleswar district on the North, Jajpur district & River Baitarani on the South, Kendujhar district on the West and Bay of Bengal &Kendrapara district on the East. The Bhadrak District covers an area of 2505 Square Kilometer. It lies between latitudes 20°43’ to 21°13’ north and 86°16’ to 87° east longitudes. The District has got only one sub division with same name, 7 Tahasils, 7 Blocks, 2 Municipalities, 2 NACs, 17 Police Stations, 218 Gram Panchayats and 1370 Villages. There are many historical places and monuments which reflects the past glory of the district. Among others, Baba Akhandalamani Temple on the bank of river Baitarani is the abode of lord Shiva. The artistic carving of the temple deserves special worth to the visitors. The density of population of the district is 601 per Sq. kilometer and decadal growth Rate of population (2001-2011) is 12.9. Agriculture is the main income of the district. But many people in the coastal area Dhamara of Chandabali Block to Padhuan of Basudevpur Block are depending upon the Fishing.

Launched in 08th March, 2001, Mission Shakti has brought a revolution in the field of SHG promotion and which has led to formation of around 10,000 WSHGs with the help of ICDS functionaries. The SHG network was strengthened further through TRIPTI and Odisha Livelihood Mission, which were implemented in the District in 2009 and 2014 respectively. For further inclusion of Women’s in the SHG network, Mission Shakti has formed 8,920 numbers of WSHG as on and after 01.04.2017. Now, 2, 51,654 numbers of women have been mobilized through 24,116 numbers of WSHGs in the District.

As Cabinet in its meeting on 29.05.2019 has approved the provisioning of services and procurement of goods relating to the Government department through WSHGs, WSHGs are involved in many income generating activities like Paddy Procurement, Pisciculture in GP Tank, Electric Meter Reading, Management of MDM, Stitching and supply of Pre-school Uniform to AWCs, Mushroom farming, Vegetable cultivation and Layer Farming in Deep Litter Systems etc. During Kharif Marketing Session 2019-20, 24 nos. of GPLFs and 3 nos. of WSHG had been procured Paddy in their respective GPs. 74 nos. of GP Tank for the FY 2018-19 & 82 nos. of GP Tank for the FY 2019-20 have been tagged to WSHGs for Pisciculture. In Chandbali Block WSHGs have been selected for Electric Meter Reading. 60 nos. of WSHGs from different Blocks have been selected for Layer Farming in Deep Litter System. Apart from the above activities, it is being planned to involve SHG/ SHG Federations in management of Mid-Day-Meal in Schools having student strength of 100 or above from FY 2020-21.

There are many WSHGs in District, who are doing exemplary livelihood activities in different sectors and able to multiply their incomes over the periods. In a significant achievement for the SHG fraternity of the District, one SHG namely “Jay MaaDurga” of Geltua GP under Bhadrak Block felicitated as best WSHG by W&CD and MS Deptt., Govt. of Odisha on the occasion of International Women’s Day-2019 celebrated on 08.03.2019 and received cash prize of Rs. 50,000/-.

Community Institutions
Name of the ICDS Project Name of the BLF Leader No. of GPLFs No. of SHGs
Basudevpur Jyotilaxmi Pre – Kuntala Mishra
Sec – Mamata Sahoo
36 4,082
Bhadrak Bal Gopal Pre – Anita Lenka
Sec – Tapaswini Das
36 3,914
Bhandaripokhari Baba Sanichar Mahasangha Pre – Annapurna Panda
Sec – Mandakini Samal
5 2,213
Bonth Jyotirmayee Pre – Kamala Jena
Sec – Usha rani Behera
13 2,620
Chandabali-I Chandbali – I BLF Pre – Manasi Padhi
Sec – Anjanalata Nayak
16 2,345
Chandbali-II Chandbali – II BLF Pre – Jyoshna Ghadei
Sec – Nayana Mahalik
20 2,091
Dhamnagar Matrushakti Pre – Rebati Sarangi
Sec – Kalpana Mallick
5 3,625
Tihidi Alok Jyoti Pre – Basanti Lata Rout
Sec – Kalyani Das
31 3,295
District Team
Unit Name Designation Official Mail ID Contact No.
District HQ Smt. Tilottama Mohapatra DSWO 9437715562
District HQ Smt. Rasmita Nayak DMSC 8917332124
District HQ Sri. Sitansu Sekhar Sahu DPC 8763786276
District HQ Sri. Rajeeb Lochan Behera DPAcA 7978305265
ICDS – Basudevpur Smt. Sandhyarani Mallick CDPO 9437988432
ICDS – Basudevpur Miss. Anita Rani Barik BMSC 7377014893
ICDS – Basudevpur Miss. Mallika Malik BPC 8328954392
ICDS – Basudevpur Miss Bhagyashree Barik BPAcA 7978575660
ICDS – Bhadrak Smt. Arnapurna Sinku CDPO 9937140385
ICDS – Bhadrak Smt. Bandana Nayak BMSC 8455028922
ICDS – Bhadrak Sri. Subrat Ku Nayak BPC 9668743456
ICDS – Bhadrak Sri. Manash Kumar Sahoo BPAcA 9163020794
ICDS – Bhandaripokhari Smt. Nirjharani Rout CDPO 9439352411
ICDS – Bhandaripokhari Smt. Dipali Mishra BMSC 8895787629
ICDS – Bhandaripokhari Sri. Subrat Ku Panda BPC 7978805230
ICDS – Bhandaripokhari Miss Sujata Panda BPAcA 7656079057
ICDS – Bonth Smt. Renubala Das CDPO 9438339746
ICDS – Bonth Miss Sushree Sangita Nayak BMSC 7539092665
ICDS – Bonth Sri. Chiranjibi Das BPC 9040407774
ICDS – Bonth Miss Sasmita Sahoo BPAcA 9337191088
ICDS – Chandbali – I Smt. Chandana Mishra CDPO 7381033735
ICDS – Chandbali – I Miss. Karishma Panigrahi BMSC 7377690762
ICDS – Chandbali – I Smt. Reeta Rani Sahoo BPC 9556300125
ICDS – Chandbali – I Sri Prakash Chandra Mahali BPAcA 8596093773
ICDS – Chandbali – II Prativa Kumari Khandual CDPO 9439079893
ICDS – Chandbali – II Srotoswini Sabat BMSC 8249527656
ICDS – Chandbali – II Smt. Reeta Rani Sahoo 9556300125
ICDS – Chandbali – II Vacant BPAcA
ICDS – Dhamnagar Smt. Namita Das CDPO 06786236595
ICDS – Dhamnagar Smt. Kalyani Sethi BMSC 9658547045
ICDS – Dhamnagar Smt. Sandipta Dash BPC 9439739952
ICDS – Dhamnagar Vacant BPAcA
ICDS – Tihidi Sri Basant Kumar Sahani, I/c CDPO 9437289555
ICDS – Tihidi Smt. Urbashi Mohanty BMSC 7978217464
ICDS – Tihidi Sri. Srikanta Jena BPC 9040916231
ICDS – Tihidi Smt. Selina Nayak BPAcA 8249574090
District Initiatives
  • Pisciculture by WSHG in 63 GP Tanks
District Photo Gallery