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ମିଶନ ଶକ୍ତି ବିଭାଗ ଓଡ଼ିଶା ସରକାର


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About the District

Malkangiri district is named after its headquarters town named Malkangiri. During formation of Odisha Province in 1936, Malkangiri was a “TALUK” of Nabarangpur sub-division of Koraput district of Odisha. In 1962, it was upgraded to a sub-division of Koraput District. At present Malkangiri got its identity as an Independent district due to reorganization of districts of Odisha as per a notification on 1st Oct 1992 and with effect from 2nd Oct 1992 covering an area of 5791 sq. km. It lies between 170 45’ N to 180 40’ N latitude and 810 10’ E to 820 E longitude of the district. The district is divided into two distinct physical divisions. The Eastern part is covered with steep ghats, platues & valleys, sparsely inhabited by primitive tribes, notable among who are Bondas, Koyas, Porajas & Didayis. The district is moderately literate, with the number of literate males far out numbering the number of literate females. The history of Malkangiri seems to be in no way less thrilling and adventurous than any other place of India. The land of dense inaccessible forests, small but beautiful rivers, undulating plateaus and splendorous rich tribal culture, Malkangiri has its history of human civilization enrooted to as long as 2500 years back. Prior to the modern civilization, many mythological episodes took place in and around Malkangiri. One ancient Shiva Temple now submerged in the Chitrakonda Reservoir was known as the second Lingaraj of Odisha. This famous Shiva Temple was visited by Sri Chaitanya Deva during his visit to Nandapur. Existence of a number of Shiva Temples in and around Malkangiri signifies the fact that the ancient Kings were Shaivists.

As per Census-2011, Malkangiri had population of 613,192 in 2011 of which male and female were 303,624 and 309,568 respectively. In 2001 census, Malkangiri had a population of 504,198 of which males were 252,507 and remaining 251,691 were females.

The culture of Malkangiri District is displayed by the song and dance programmes of its tribal people, the major portion of the district’s population. The chief tribes seen here are Bondas, Gadabas, Kondhs and Koyas.

In the district, there has been change in the socioeconomic status of women since inception of SHG movement by Mission Shakti in 2001. Women SHGs in the district promote savings among themselves and use the pooled resources to meet the urgent needs of members. They rotate this common pooled resource within the members with a very small rate of interest. At present there are 5029 SHGs in the district.

Community Institutions
Name of the ICDS Project Name of the BLF Contact No. of GPLFs No. of SHGs
Malkangiri Priyadarshini Mahila Mahasangha Pre – Bina Mandal, Mob – 8895664874
Sec – Bimala Madkam, Mob – 76558875660
19 2166
Korukonda Basundhara Mahasangha Pre-  M.Bharat Khara, Mob – 9437410997
Sec – Sundrana Khara, Mob – 7353838854
2 254
Kalimela Dharitri Blf Pre – Kabita Gharami, Mob – 8280421355
Sec – Usharani Pradhan, Mob – 9438064998
7 755
Chitrakonda Gurupriya Blf   12 786
Khairput     11 431
Mathili     19 886
District Team
Name Designation Unit Official Mail ID Contact No.
Smt. Swarnalata Biswas DSWO DISTRICT HQ 06861-230521
Smt. Sangita Padhi DMSC DISTRICT HQ 06861-238287
Niranjana Tangaranga DPC DISTRICT HQ 9438298237
Smt. Bipula kumari Sardar CDPO ICDS – Malkangiri 9178875660
Smt. Runubala Sahoo BMSC ICDS – Malkangiri 7894716123
Sri. Jagannath Khemundu BPC ICDS – Malkangiri 9439780578
Vacant BPAcA ICDS – Malkangiri    
Smt. Nilima Rani Mandal CDPO ICDS – Korukonda 06861-238287
Smt. Kousalya Mirdha BMSC ICDS – Korukonda 06861-238287
Sri Nihar Ranjan Swain BPC ICDS – Korukonda 06861-238287
Vacant BPAcA ICDS – Korukonda    
Smt. Lata Manjula Pradhan ( Incharge CDPO) CDPO ICDS – Kalimela cdpokalim.or@nic,in 943795400
Manjubala Mahapatra BMSC ICDS – Kalimela 7608882802
Prabin Kumar Biswas BPC ICDS – Kalimela cdpokalim.or@nic,in 9437784352
Vacant BPAcA ICDS – Kalimela    
Smt. Annapurna Buruda CDPO ICDS – Chitrakonda 9777949565



Smt. Vijayalaxmi Sabhasundar BMSC ICDS – Chitrakonda 8280487358
Rabindranath Bhuyan BPC ICDS – Chitrakonda 9439914124
Vacant BPAcA ICDS – Chitrakonda    
Smt. Sarojini Panda CDPO ICDS – Podia 9439458129
Smt. Pabitra Hazra BMSC ICDS – Podia 9438284632
Vacant BPC ICDS – Podia    
Vacant BPAcA ICDS – Podia    
Smt. Indira Pradhan CDPO ICDS – Mathili 8658927411
Smt. Sebati Rout BMSC ICDS – Mathili 9437112198
Vacant BPC ICDS – Mathili    
Vacant BPAcA ICDS – Mathili    
Smt. Supriti Sahu CDPO ICDS – Mathili 9427771455
Smt. Rekha Barik BMSC ICDS – Mathili 7735877069
Vacant BPC ICDS – Mathili    
Vacant BPAcA ICDS – Mathili    
District Initiatives
  • Malkangiri has taken initiative for the empowerment of SHG by the convergence pregame with different Government department for income generation of SHG. Such as Supply of Preschool Uniform to AWC, Pisciculture, Tailoring, Poultry Electrical Meter Reading, Mushroom Cultivation Aahar centre management, Bank linkage, Paddy Procurement etc.
District Photo Gallery