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ମିଶନ ଶକ୍ତି ବିଭାଗ ଓଡ଼ିଶା ସରକାର


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About the District

According to 2011 census Mayurbhanj District has a population of 2,513,895. This gives a ranking of 171stin India. The district has a population dencity of 2419out of total 640) inhabitants per square kilometre (620/qni) Its population growth rate over the decade 2001-2011 was 13.33%. Mayurbhanj has a sex ratio of 1005 females for every 1000 male and a literacy rate of 63.98%. Mayurbhanj district is one of the 30 districts in Odisha state in eastern India. It is the largest district of Odisha by area. Baripada is the district Headquarter. As of 2011 census it is the third most populous district of Odisha, afterGanjam and Cuttack. Mayurbhanj District was formed out of princely state of Mayurbhanj in 1047. Mayurbhanj having 4 numbers of subdivisions and 26 blocks.

  • Baripada subdivision with 10 nos. of blocks. Headquater is Baripada.
  • Bamanghaty Subdivision with 7 nos. of blocks. Headquater is Rairangpur.
  • Kaptipada subdivision with 4 nos. of blocks headquater is Udala.
  • Panchapid/Karanjia subdivision with 5 nos. of blocks, headquater is Karanjia.

The vibrancy and kichkers of the central heritage of Mayurbhanj is well known to all. Makar & Karamparva are the two well-known festivals of Mayurbhanj. Famous Chhau dance traditional folk song & dance is the integral part of culture of Mayurbhanj. Car festival/ Rathyatra of Baripada is famous after PuriRathyatra and its speciality is that only ladies can pull the chakiot of Maa Subhadra.
Mayurbhanj has many tourist destinations. The Simlipal is the integral part of almost all tourism destinations in the district.
Cuisine Mudihi (puffed rice) is the popular diet of Mayurbhanj

Various Historical monuments like Haripur gada, Bhanj place, Baripada Royal place, Temples of Khiching etc. are the symbols of great heritage of Mayurbhanj.
Most of the inhabitants in Mayurbhanj are Tribal, Shantal, Munda, Bhumija, are major tribal of the district, besides this Lodha, Khadia, Makadia and PVTG in this district.
SHG movements starts in this district in an organised manner from 8th March 2001 after launching of Mission Shakti. Before that MohilaSamities and Mohali Mandals were constituted in the district for uplift men of lives of Women. Now around 42000 Women Self Help Groups have been formed in this district by ICDS and other Government and Non-Government institutions.
Members of Women SHGs are now involved in THR distribution, MDM management, Supply of vegetables toiletries to Ashram Schools. Taking leases of GP Tanks, Layer farming, Electrical meter reading, supplying of diets to Hospitals Agriculture, Pisciculture, plantation and Swacha Bharat programme etc.

Special initiatives in this district was taken for supply of toiletries and vegetable to Ashram Schools. A canteen is managed by SHGs in the interior pockets of Simlipal i.e. in Borehipan for tourists. For upliftment of Sabai Crafts through Mayursilpa a special out let has been managed in Baripada as well as Bhubaneswar. Products are also marketed by Fab India, Flip cards etc.
Jay MaaTarinin SHG of Suliapadafelicitated as best SHG in International Women’s Day-2018 at JaydevBhavan, Bhubeneswar. BLF Baripada also felicitated at International Women’s Day-2010 Sabai craft prepared by different WSHGs are displayed and saled inside and outside of state in different exhibition and Mela.


Community Institutions
Name of the ICDS Project Name of the BLF Leader No. of GPLFs No. of SHGs
Badasahi Mayurbhanj Shakti Sangha, Badasahi Pre – Purnima Mishra
Sec – Dusila Mohanta
30 2909
Bahalda Maa Kichakeswari Shakti Sangha,Bahalda Pre – Rashmita Mohakud
Sec – Sebati Mohanta
12 1180
Bangriposi Biswarupa Mahasangha, Bangriposi Pre – Chitrasmita Behera
Sec – Seetamani Patra
19 1708
Baripada Mayurbhanj Shakti Sangha,Baripada Pre – Kamala Behera
Sec – Sabita Dhabaldeb
11 1950
Betnoti Shakti Sangha, Betnoti Pre – Bhagyabati Mohanta
Sec – Kaushalya Mohanta
24 2075
Bijatala Mayurbhanj Shakti Sangha, Bijatala Pre – Ramamani Mohanta
Sec – Geetanjali Mohanta
12 1014
Bisoi Mayurbhanj Shakti Sangha, Bisoi Pre – Chandrika Mohanty
Sec – Parbati Naik
13 1105
G.B.Nagar Mayurbhanj Shakti Sangha, G.B.Nagar Pre – Sudeepta Barik
Sec – Jayanti Panda
13 1321
Jamda Maa Laxmibai Mahashakti , Jamda Pre – Jemamani Das
Sec – Mani Soren
10 909
Jashipur Meghaswani Shakti Sangha, Jashipur Pre – Puspamanjari Mahanta
Sec – Kunjalata Mahanta
20 1442
Kaptipada Mayurbhanj Shakti Sangha, Kaptipada Pre – Hemalata Sankhua
Sec – Anupama Pattnaik
26 2328
Karanjia Mayurbhanj Shakti Sangha, Karanjia Pre – Depalli Behera
Sec – Rashmi Si
15 1924
Khunta Mayurbhanj Shakti Sangha, khunta Pre –Kalyani Katial
Sec –Anndamahini Chakra
14 1207
Kuliana Shakti Mohasangha, Kuliana Pre – Nandini Mohanta
Sec – Ranjita Behera
17 1489
Kusumi Mahila Shakti Sangha, Kusumi Pre – Sita Maji
Sec – Sabitri Acharya
14 1268
Morada Shakti Mayee Mahasangha,Morada Pre –Bishnupriya Das
Sec –Sukanti Sethy
20 2161
Rasagobindapur Mayurbhanj Shakti Sangha, Rasagobindapur Pre –Susmita Sahu
Sec –Mamata Barik
16 1445
Rairangpur Bhanjabhumi Federation, Rairangpur Pre – Lilabati Mohanta
Sec – Shantilata Patra
9 1093
Raruan Mayurbhanj Shakti Sangha, Raruan Pre – Tapaswini Majhi
Sec – Satyabhama mohanta
12 1238
Saraskana WSHG Mahasangha, Saraskana Pre – Sanjukta Sahu
Sec – Chandana Sethy
17 1422
Shamakhunta Mayurbhanj Shakti Sangha, Shamakhunta. Pre- Prativa Manjari Mohanta
Sec-Parbati Mohanta
14 1436
Sukruli Maa Kichakeswari Mahila Shakti Sangha, Sukurli Pre – Marsamalin Hembram
Sec – Pramadini Deo
10 1002
Suliapada Mayurbhanj Shakti Sangha, Suliapada Pre – Shantilata Barik
Sec – Mandakini Prusty
16 1693
Thakurmunda Mayurbhanj Shakti Sangha Pre – Sailabala Nayak
Sec – Sushila Sahu
18 1679
Tiring Meerabai Shakti Sangha, Tiring Pre –Krishnamani Mohanta
Sec –Kanaklata Marandi
10 855
Udala Chnmayee Mahasangha, Udala Pre – Bishnupriya Panda
Sec – Anita Mohanta
12 1368
District Team
Unit Name Designation Official Mail ID Contact No.
HQ Baripada Mrs.Annusaya Sahu DWSO 9438311406
HQ Baripada Mrs. Sasmita Mohanty DMSC 9438398382
HQ Baripada Mrs. Bharati Besra DPC 9438084670
HQ Baripada Vacant DPAcA    
ICDS – Badasahi Mrs.Kuntimani Patra CDPO 8249468235
ICDS – Badasahi Mrs.Soubhagya Rout BMSC 8249406021
ICDS – Badasahi Mrs.Priyadarshini Acharya BPC 7978275171
ICDS – Badasahi Vacant BPAcA    
ICDS – Bahalda Smt. Sakramani Tudu CDPO 9777411300
ICDS – Bahalda Smt. Sakra Hansdah BMSC 9437569787
ICDS – Bahalda Shri Abhijeet Maharana BPC 9938209427
ICDS – Bahalda Champamani baskey BPAcA 8018280838
ICDS – Bangriposi Smt. Manasi Rath CDPO 9437237380
ICDS – Bangriposi Miss Anjali Das BMSC 9437379781
ICDS – Bangriposi Mr. Basant kumar Nayak BPC 9556955371
ICDS – Bangriposi Vacant BPAcA    
ICDS – Baripada Dipali Otta CDPO 9437704455
ICDS – Baripada Salma Tudu BMSC 9437799608
ICDS – Baripada Rakesh Kumar Jena BPC 9938421899
ICDS – Baripada Swagatika Murmu BPAcA 9078027965
ICDS – Betnoti Smt. Upama Gantayat CDPO 9937113069
ICDS – Betnoti Smt. Pravabati Nanda BMSC 9861044880
ICDS – Betnoti Sri Chandrakanta Das BPC 9776217039
ICDS – Betnoti Rajendra Mohan Mohanto BPAcA 9337938382
ICDS – Bijatala Mita naik CDPO 9078736549
ICDS – Bijatala Nirupama Mohanta BMSC 8847823831
ICDS – Bijatala Vacant BPC    
ICDS – Bijatala Madhab Chandra Tudu BPAcA 9439000170
ICDS – Bisoi Srimati Samal CDPO 9438615215
ICDS – Bisoi Krushna Kumari Jena BMSC 7749824274
ICDS – Bisoi Biju Hansdah BPC 8763897621
ICDS – Bisoi Vacant BPAcA    
ICDS – G.B.Nagar Smt. Gourimani Hansdah CDPO 8895034617
ICDS – G.B.Nagar Smt. Damayanti   Mohanta BMSC 9437745398
ICDS – G.B.Nagar Miss Droupadi Bagharay BPC 9938557030
ICDS – G.B.Nagar Lipun Sing BPAcA 7328010797
ICDS – Jamda Santosini Giri CDPO 9438609901
ICDS – Jamda Phulamani Soren BMSC 7008116353
ICDS – Jamda Tarun Kumar Chattar BPC 8895931504
ICDS – Jamda Vacant BPAcA    
ICDS – Jashipur Sibani Guha CDPO 9437657502
ICDS – Jashipur Mallika Murmu BMSC 7978300530
ICDS – Jashipur Deepak Kumar Sahoo BPC 9178247587
ICDS – Jashipur Pramod ku. Sahu BPAcA 9853584376
ICDS – Kaptipada Mita Rani Basa CDPO 9861415548
ICDS – Kaptipada Diptimayee Puthal BMSC 9437774927
ICDS – Kaptipada Kamalakanta Sankhua BPC 9178016256
ICDS – Kaptipada Sushree Lushna Priyadarshini BPAcA 7205143821
ICDS – Karanjia Smt. Premalata Sethi CDPO 9178952197
ICDS – Karanjia Smt. Bharati Sahu BMSC 8249895909
ICDS – Karanjia Shri Amaresh Chandra Nayak BPC 9937687042
ICDS – Karanjia Santanu Kumar Dandasena BPAcA 9777122344
ICDS – Khunta Mrs Haripriya Patra CDPO 7978166186
ICDS – Khunta Mrs Janabi Mohanta BMSC 8917388586
ICDS – Khunta Hemanta ku. Majhi BPC 9439887791
ICDS – Khunta Vacant BPAcA    
ICDS – Kuliana Smt. Sikharani Pordar CDPO 9437251857
ICDS – Kuliana Smt.Sujata Mohapatra BMSC 9437320310
ICDS – Kuliana Shri Narendra Nath Bindhani BPC 7008085003
ICDS – Kuliana Kali Chanran Hansda BPAcA 7978416025
ICDS – Kusumi Maina Hansda CDPO 9437420080
ICDS – Kusumi Ambika Mohanta BMSC 7609906629
ICDS – Kusumi Mohan Hembrom BPC 9777182881
ICDS – Kusumi Vacant BPAcA    
ICDS – Morada Minati Dei CDPO 9437710870
ICDS – Morada Renubala Mohanty BMSC 9778041501
ICDS – Morada Santosh Kumar Das BPC 9777214552
ICDS – Morada Vacant BPAcA    
ICDS – Rasagobindapur Parbati Soren CDPO 9438343597
ICDS – Rasagobindapur Pusplata Giri BMSC 8249126296
ICDS – Rasagobindapur Jayanta kumar Giri BPC 9776147781
ICDS – Rasagobindapur Vacant BPAcA    
ICDS – Rairangpur Sakramani Tudu CDPO 9777411300
ICDS – Rairangpur Smt.Sabita Sethy BMSC 9437381130
ICDS – Rairangpur Smt.Swarnapriya Sahoo BPC 9853106215
ICDS – Rairangpur Vacant BPAcA    
ICDS – Raruan Vacant BPC    
ICDS – Raruan Geetajali Nayak BPAcA 8249152364
ICDS – Saraskana Smt. Bhanumati Behera C.D.P.O 9437255673
ICDS – Saraskana Smt. Rajashree Kar BMSC 7008952840
ICDS – Saraskana Pujasmita Jena BPC 8637271068
ICDS – Saraskana Chnadan Kumar Nayak BPAcA 8917659625
ICDS – Shamakhunta Minati Prusty CDPO 9438062192
ICDS – Shamakhunta Laxmikanti Marandi BMSC 7008878775
ICDS – Shamakhunta Jyotirmayee Sahoo BPC 7894056111
ICDS – Shamakhunta Vacant BPAcA    
ICDS – Sukruli Smt. Subhadra Naik CDPO 9438602788
ICDS – Sukruli Sukanti Patra BMSC 7978018669
ICDS – Sukruli Vacant BPC    
ICDS – Sukruli Vacant BPAcA    
ICDS – Suliapada Basanti Baskey CDPO 8763850098
ICDS – Suliapada Malati Marndi BMSC 9438194583
ICDS – Suliapada Santosh Kumar Patra BPC 8249861942
ICDS – Suliapada Vacant BPAcA    
ICDS – Thakurmunda Premalata Sethi CDPO 9178952197
ICDS – Thakurmunda Geetarani Mohapatra BMSC 8658430440
ICDS – Thakurmunda Ratikanta Mishra BPC 9337464080
ICDS – Thakurmunda Sudhansu Sekher Sahu BPAcA 8908204823
ICDS – Tiring Smt. Alphonsa Tete C.D.P.O 9438042941
ICDS – Tiring Jhunurani Dutta M.S Co-ordinator 9438059327
ICDS – Tiring Vacant BPC    
ICDS – Tiring Vacant BPAcA    
ICDS – Udala Aladi Marandi CDPO 9438150977
ICDS – Udala Rukmani Sahoo BMSC 9437691463
ICDS – Udala Pradeep Kumar Singh BPC 9178025381
ICDS – Udala Abhijit Katual BPAcA 9124056033
District Initiatives
  • Prustikara Retail Centre
  • Mayurshilpa
  • Supply of vegetables to Ashram (ST/SC )school
District Photo Gallery