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ମିଶନ ଶକ୍ତି ବିଭାଗ ଓଡ଼ିଶା ସରକାର


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About the District

Nabarangpur district is situated in the south-western part of Odisha state. The district came into being with effect from 2nd October 1992 carved out from erstwhile Koraput district. Boundaries of the district stretch in the north to Raipur and west to Bastar district of Chhatisgarh. The east side of Nabarangpur touches Kalahandi and Rayagada districts and south to the Koraput district. The river Indravati is the border between Nabarangpur and Koraput district. Nabarangpur district covers an area of 5294 sq km. It is situated at 20.3 to 17.5  latitude (North) and 81.27 to 84.1 East longitudes (East). The administrative headquarters of the district is located at Nabarangpur town. Nabarangpur has an ancient tradition of art & culture. Widely performed dances are folk dance like Rinjodi, Dhemsa, Sailodi, Gond and Ghumura. Maa Bhandargharini is the presiding deity of Nabarangpur. Villagers of a small village named Pendra   near Umerkote worship goddess Pendrani. Nabarangpur district comprises of one sub division, 10 tahsils and 10 blocks and 2 municipalities. As per 2011 census, Nabarangpur district has a population of 12,20,946. More than ten tribes live in the district covering half of the population. Sex ratio of Nabarangpur district is 1018.

Several initiatives towards women empowerment have been undertaken by Mission Shakti. During the financial year 2016-17, 5716 SHGs have received financial assistance amounting to Rs.5,71,60,000 under SHG revitalization programme. Since April 2017, 10852 SHGs have been formed and seed money have been provided to 10,494 SHGs at the rate of Rs.15000/-per group amounting to be Rs.15,74,10,000. 7473 existing groups have been supported under Digital Empowerment fund amounting to Rs.2,24,19,000. Women SHG are also being empowered through various training programmes and tagged with Government programmes / schemes.

Community Institutions
Name of the ICDS Project Name of the BLF Leader No. of GPLFs No. of SHGs
Nabarangpur Block stariya Mission shakti Mahasangha,Nabarangpur Pre – Padma Bhatra
Sec – Basanti Harijan
13 1196
Nandahandi Block stariya Mission shakti Mahasangha,Nandahandi Pre – Kumudini Dash
Sec – Geetanjali Garada
11 980
Dabugaon Block stariya Mission shakti Mahasangha,Dabugaon Pre – Jharana Jani
Sec – Jayanti Harijan
12 1000
Umerkote Block level Mission shakti Federation,Umerkote Pre – Rukmani Harijan
Sec – Sabita Baditya
26 2650
Raighar Pragati Block level Federation,Raighar Pre – Chandrika Mandal
Sec – Anjana Bhakta
24 2220
Papadahandi Block stariya Mission shakti Mahasangha,Papadahandi Pre – Niranjana Pattnaik
Sec – Pragnyaprava Majhi
22 2136
Kosagumuda Block stariya Mission shakti Mahasangha,Kosagumuda Pre – Sumitra Panka
Sec – Jharana Bisoi
26 2328
Jharigaon Mission shakti Mahasangha,Jharigaon Pre – Jayanti Dharua
Sec – Kaberi Santa
23 2344
Chandahandi Mission shakti Mahilamahasangha,Chandahandi Pre – Sanjukta Potel
Sec – Gouri Behera
14 956
Tentulikhunti Block stariya Mission shakti Mahasangha,Tentulikhunti Pre – Rebati Majhi
Sec – Rasmita Pradhani
15 1664
District Team
Unit Name Designation Official Mail ID Contact No.
District HQ Smt.Surekhasundari Mallick DSWO 9437064189
District HQ Smt. Sasmitabala Mohanty DMSC 9439088901
District HQ Sri. Harsananda Pradhan DPC 8144052945
District HQ Miss. Pragnyalipsa Swain DPAcA 6371426750
ICDS – Nabarangpur Smt. Sarojini Ratha CDPO 9437847281
ICDS – Nabarangpur Smt. Kanchana Panda BMSC 7978521542
ICDS – Nabarangpur Sri. Mamun Kumar Kar BPC 9937028803
ICDS – Nabarangpur Sri.Sarbesh Kumar Pattnaik BPAcA 6371235836
ICDS – Nandahandi Smt. Binodini Pattnaik(In-charge CDPO) CDPO 9438375508
ICDS – Nandahandi Smt. Rama Pattnaik BMSC 8328916602
ICDS – Nandahandi Vacant BPC    
ICDS – Nandahandi Vacant BPAcA    
ICDS – Dabugaon Smt. Jamuna Bhatra CDPO 9437780601
ICDS – Dabugaon Miss. Rojalin Pradhan BMSC 8249401265
ICDS – Dabugaon Vacant BPC    
ICDS – Dabugaon Sri.Nabin Bhatra BPAcA 7749031489
ICDS – Umerkote Smt. S.Geeta CDPO 9178648424
ICDS – Umerkote Smt. Sanjukta Behera BMSC 9777384099
ICDS – Umerkote Sri. Joyanth Prasad Rothi BPC 8455063223
ICDS – Umerkote Sri.Sureshchandra Mirgan BPAcA 7894342673
ICDS – Raighar Smt. Sutapa Choudhury CDPO 9437343200
ICDS – Raighar Smt. Geetanjali Mishra BMSC 9777187772
ICDS – Raighar Vacant BPC    
ICDS – Raighar Vacant BPAcA    
ICDS – Papadahandi Smt. Geetarani Sahu. CDPO 9438327915
ICDS – Papadahandi Miss. Rashmi prava Panigrahi BMSC 9337716669
ICDS – Papadahandi Sri. Pritikanto Sadhu BPC 9437243680
ICDS – Papadahandi Sri.Rameswar Nayak BPAcA 7608970338
ICDS – Kosagumuda Smt. Nibasini Biswal CDPO 9437624882
ICDS – Kosagumuda Smt. Geetanjali Maharana BMSC 9777297901
ICDS – Kosagumuda Vacant BPC    
ICDS – Kosagumuda Sri.Mangalsingh Halba BPAcA 7978049083
ICDS – Jharigaon Smt. R.S Vasanti CDPO 9437817399
ICDS – Jharigaon Smt. Birajmohini Pangi BMSC 9938830206
ICDS – Jharigaon Vacant BPC    
ICDS – Jharigaon Sri.Debidatta Brahma BPAcA 9777085331
ICDS – Chandahandi VACANT CDPO    
ICDS – Chandahandi Smt.Saudamini Swain BMSC 9777967533
ICDS – Chandahandi Sri.Mahendra Sori BPC 8658744633
ICDS – Chandahandi Vacant BPAcA    
ICDS – Tentulikhunti Smt.Binodini Pattnaik CDPO 9438375508
ICDS – Tentulikhunti Smt. Sabita Mallick BMSC 8458054829
ICDS – Tentulikhunti Vacant BPC    
ICDS – Tentulikhunti Sri.Purnachandra Gouda BPAcA 7894131055
District Initiatives
  • 1174 No.of W-SHGs are enagaged in MDM programme
  • 26 No.of W-SHGs are enagaged in PDS programme
  • 327 No.of W-SHGs are enagaged in Kerosene dealership programme
  • 5 No.of W-SHGs are enagaged in Broiler farming
  • 3 no. of W-SHGs ar engaged in Tribal Jewellery production
District Photo Gallery