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ମିଶନ ଶକ୍ତି ବିଭାଗ ଓଡ଼ିଶା ସରକାର


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About the District

Sundargarh District was constituted on the 1st January, 1948, out of the two ex–States of Gangpur and Bonai, which merged with Odisha on that day. True to its name, this beautiful District of Sundargarh with about 43 percent of its total area under forest cover and numerous colourful tribes dotting its landscape.
Sundargarh District has 3 sub divisions, 18 Tehsils, 17 Blocks and 279 Gram panchayats. Topographically, this district is located between latitude 21 degree 36’ N to 22 degree 32’ N and longitude 83 degree 32’ E to 85 degree 22’ E. The population of this District is 2,080,664, this being the fifth most populous District of the state. Its rural population exceeds twelve lakhs and the urban population is more than six lakhs. The male literacy rate is 82.13 and female literacy rate in the District is 65.93.In this district 75% of population are in Tribal.
Sundargarh is recognized as an industrial district in the map of Odisha. Steel Plant, Fertilizer Plant, Cement factory, Ferro Vanadium Plant, Machine building factory, Glass and china clay factory and Spinning mills are some of the major industries of this District. Sundargarh occupies a prominent position in the mineral map of Odisha and is rich in iron ore, limestone, manganese, dolomite, and fire clay. Major industries are the Odisha Cements ltd, Hart Fertilizers Ltd, and Odisha Industries Ltd. The industrial town of Rourkela in this District has the first government sector plant built with foreign collaboration and was the first in India to use LD oxygen technology.
Still, more than 50 percent of the people earn their livelihoods from agriculture and allied sectors. Sundargarh District is coming under the North Western Plateau Zone as per the agro climatic zone of Odisha. Soil group of the Sundargarh district is mixture of red and yellow soil. Out of the 3,13,000 hectares of cultivated land, 52 percent is upland, 30 percent is medium land and 18 percent is low land. As paddy is the main crop, 75 percent of the land is covered with paddy during Kharif. Due to limited irrigation facilities, 24 percent land is irrigated during Kharif and 8 percent of land is irrigated during Rabi.
Sundargarh District celebrates many festivals around the year. Important festivals of the District are Nuakhai, Rath Yatra, Ramanavami, Nama Sankirtana and Christmas
There are 27687 nos of Woman SHG have formed under Mission Shakti in Sundargarh district. Out of which 38 nos of WSHG are engaged in THR units, 224 nos WSHG are under MDM,4 nos WSHG are engaged in Electric Meter Reading collection,128 nos WSHG are engaged in pisciculture GP tank,2 nos WSHG are supplies of toiletries to ashram School,21 nos SHG engaged in PDS dealership,10 nos WSHG are engaged in preparation of spices & turmeric,3 nos WSHG are engaged in Agarbati making,1 no SHG engaged in supplied to uniform,1 no SHG engaged in plastic bag making,1 no SHG engaged in Biscuit preparation,1 SHG engaged in Sanitary Napkin making,1 no SHG engaged in Badi,Achar preparation,1 no SHG engaged in sauce preparation,1 nos SHG engaged in Vermicomposting preparation,33 nos SHG are engaged in Tailoring & Stitching and 6 nos SHG are engaged in Tent House. These are the adopted activity of IGA for enhance their income for the support of their family.
In the Sundargarh district SHG has awarded from state and National level namely Kalyani SHG,Balisankara in the year 2009,2017 and 2018 for Best SHG award.

Community Institutions
Name of the ICDS Project Name of the BLF Leader No. of GPLFs No. of SHGs
Balisankara Agrani Block Level Mission Shakti Federation Pre – Sanjukta Dash
Sec – Jayanti Ekka
16 1495
Bargaon Shaktirupa Mission Shakti Federation Pre – Jangyaseni Sarpatia
Sec – Pramila Barik
14 1223
Biramitrapur Kalyani Mission Shakti Federation Pre – Rashmita Sahu
Sec – Nitu JoJo
11 490
Bisra Ekta Mission Shakti Federation Pre – Chhuni Munda
Sec – Jyoti Dungdung
14 1441
Bonaigarh Block Mission Shakti Federation Bonai pre – Mithila Sahu
Sec – Tarulata Pradhan
13 1300
Gurundia Priyadarsini Mission Shakti Federation Pre – Putul Oram
Sec – Sarojini Kujur
13 1021
Hemgir Maa Manikeswari Mission Shakti Federation Pre – Kabita Sa
Sec – Sabita Barik
19 1145
Koida Jagruti Block Mission Shakti Federation Pre -Jyoti Lucia Lugun
Sec -Sunita kapur
15 980
Kuarmunda Kuarmunda Block Mission Shakti Federation Kuarmunda Pre – Bibiana Purty
Sec – Ushamani Oram
20 1683
Kutra Ananya Mission Shakti Federation Kutra Pre – Tarunilata Sanani
Sec – Tulsa Pradhan
16 1247
Lahunipada Navadiganta Missin Shakti Federation Pre-Sandhya Rajput                       Sec-Champa Mahanta 17 1845
Lathikata Bijay Laxmi Block Mision Shakti Federation Pre – Manju Pujari
Sec – Suchita Tirkey
18 1737
Lephripada Block Mission shakti Federation Lefripada Pre – Kumudini Kullu
Sec – Jogeswari Khiilei
17 1398
Nuagaon Jai Maa Laxmi Mission Shakti Federation Pre – Sushila Topno
Sec – Nayana Naik
20 1593
Rajgangpur Karishma Block Mission Shakti Federation,Rajgangpur Pre – Pratima Kujur
Sec – Tabita Ekka
40 (GPLF-20,WLF-20) 2243 (GP-1690,W-553)
RKL,City. Ispat Mision Shakti Federation Pre – Laxmi Singh
Sec -Priti Behera
27 1110
RKL,Civil Township ASTARAG Block level Federation Pre – Ritanjali Lenka
Sec – Laxmi Bhumij
9 863
RKL, Industrial OmSairam Mission Shakti Federation Pre – Banita Jena
Sec – Gitanjali Panda
21 940
Subdega Srujani Mission Shakti Mahasangha,Subdega Pre – Philisita Lakra
Sec – Tusar Kanti Das
14 1310
Sundargarh Sadar Prativa Block Level Mission Shakti Federaion Pre – Pankajini Patel
Sec – Hiru Naik
16 1507
Tangarpali Tangarpali Mission Shakti Federation Pre – Chitra rekha Naik
Sec – Kunti Pradhan
10 1116
District Team
Unit Name Designation Official Mail ID Contact No.
District HQ Smt Prativa Das DSWO  
District HQ Smt.Sushila Ratha DMSC 9438370027
District HQ Sri Lambodar Baske DPC 8018630028
District HQ Smt.Deepanjali Naik DPAcA 9438088839
ICDS – Balisankara Smt.Pratima Tanty CDPO  
ICDS – Balisankara Smt.Udaykanti Patel BMSC 9437159106
ICDS – Balisankara Sri Xavier Kiro BPC 8658034810
ICDS – Balisankara Sri Sandeep Lakra BPAcA 6371382616, 8118020676
ICDS – Bargaon Smt Minati Mahapatra CDPO cdpobargn.or@nic  
ICDS – Bargaon Smt.Sunanda Bariha BMSC cdpobargn.or@nic 9437212628
ICDS – Bargaon Sri Jerom Xess BPC cdpobargn.or@nic 7008550197
ICDS – Bargaon Sri Chandan Barua BPAcA cdpobargn.or@nic 9861315244
ICDS – Biramitrapur Smt Sangita Mahanty CDPO  
ICDS – Biramitrapur Smt Anna valeria Kujur BMSC 8917643436
ICDS – Biramitrapur Vacant BPC    
ICDS – Biramitrapur Vacant BPAcA    
ICDS – Bisra Smt Mamata Dei CDPO  
ICDS – Bisra Smt Sandhya rani Lenka BMSC 9438131601
ICDS – Bisra Smt Sona Munda BPC 6371267562
ICDS – Bisra Sri Sangal Munda BPAcA 9438561083
ICDS – Bonaigarh Smt Gitanjali Mahanty CDPO  
ICDS – Bonaigarh Smt Arunbala Misra BMSC 8763300632
ICDS – Bonaigarh Sri Ajit Kumar Kerketta BPC 9337875006
ICDS – Bonaigarh Sri Romancha Naik BPAcA 8895209302
ICDS – Gurundia Smt Fulgencia Ekka CDPO  
ICDS – Gurundia Smt Padmabati Mahanta BMSC 8895830647
ICDS – Gurundia Sri Fuljem Dungdung BPC 8895473886
ICDS – Gurundia Sri Anil Kumar Kishan BPAcA 9438540075
ICDS – Hemgir Smt Aparna Mallick CDPO  
ICDS – Hemgir Smt Tarulata Patel BMSC 9437479742
ICDS – Hemgir Vacant BPC Vacant
ICDS – Hemgir Miss Sarojini Patta BPAcA 9556320943
ICDS – Koida Smt Josepha Ekka CDPO  
ICDS – Koida Smt Damayanti Patra BMSC 9438349321
ICDS – Koida Vacant BPC Vacant
ICDS – Koida Miss Pramila Kishan BPAcA 9437794126
ICDS – Kuanrmunda Smt Anastesa Lakra CDPO  
ICDS – Kuanrmunda Smt Minati Mishra BMSC 9937533797
ICDS – Kuanrmunda Sri Nabin Rosan Ekka BPC 8249975961
ICDS – Kuanrmunda Sri Sangram Rout BPAcA 8018757012
ICDS – Kutra Smt.Subasi Mundu CDPO  
ICDS – Kutra Smt Sangita Adha BMSC 9178753212
ICDS – Kutra Sri Suman Soreng BPC 9668200828
ICDS – Kutra Sri Kapilendra Naik BPAcA 7894793512
ICDS – Lahunipara Smt.Minakhi Naik CDPO  
ICDS – Lahunipara Smt Janhabi Mahanta BMSC 8658965497
ICDS – Lahunipara Smt Prangya Paramita Sundaray BPC 8249145388
ICDS – Lahunipara Smt Soni Toppo BPAcA 7894137123
ICDS – Lathikata Smt Promodini Ku Patel CDPO  
ICDS – Lathikata Smt Sachaleswari Das BMSC 7873205906
ICDS – Lathikata Miss Prava Dung dung BPC 7657050220
ICDS – Lathikata Smt Jasomati Banda BPAcA 8895007919
ICDS – Lephripara Smt Kiran bala Sarangi CDPO  
ICDS – Lephripara Smt Jayanti Mahanand BMSC 9437684780
ICDS – Lephripara Smt Priti Patel BPC 9438419306
ICDS – Lephripara Sri Tapas Ranjan Jena BPAcA 8018468968
ICDS – Nuagaon Smt Sabitri Rana CDPO  
ICDS – Nuagaon Smt Manju Mallick BMSC 6370778176
ICDS – Nuagaon Sri Ashok Ekka BPC 9668093451
ICDS – Nuagaon Sri Biswajeet Samal BPAcA 9437758358
ICDS – Rajgangpur Smt Mary puspa Barla CDPO  
ICDS – Rajgangpur Smt Anna Tirkey BMSC 8018255606
ICDS – Rajgangpur Sri Xavier Toppo BPC 7470451716
ICDS – Rajgangpur Sri Dillip Kumar Toppo BPAcA 7008437119
ICDS – RKL City Smt Gitanjali Naik CDPO  
ICDS – RKL City Smt. Tapaswini Besan BMSC 9437406830
ICDS – RKL City Vacant BPC   Vacant
ICDS – RKL City Vacant BPAcA   Vacant
ICDS – RKL Civil Township Smt Kamala Patra CDPO  
ICDS – RKL Civil Township Smt Soudamini Panda BMSC 8917406154
ICDS – RKL Civil Township Vacant BPC   Vacant
ICDS – RKL Civil Township Vacant BPAcA   Vacant
ICDS – RKL Industrial Smt Lalita Naik CDPO  
ICDS – RKL Industrial Smt Basanti Pradhan BMSC 9348167152
ICDS – RKL Industrial Vacant BPC   Vacant
ICDS – RKL Industrial Vacant BPAcA   Vacant
ICDS – Subdega Smt Gita Patel CDPO  
ICDS – Subdega Smt Jyosna Tanty BMSC 9556275995
ICDS – Subdega Smt Maxima Kullu BPC 6371636552
ICDS – Subdega Miss Jagruti Kalo BPAcA 9668031654
ICDS – Sundargarh Smt Kamini Dwivedi CDPO  
ICDS – Sundargarh Smt Binapani Choudhury BMSC 9437529931
ICDS – Sundargarh Smt Reena Sanjukta Lakra BPC 8763968875
ICDS – Sundargarh Miss Madhusmita Tirkey BPAcA 9439846750
ICDS – Tangarpali Smt Anjana Bhoi CDPO  
ICDS – Tangarpali Smt Snigdha rani Mahapatra BMSC 9938861728
ICDS – Tangarpali Smt Lalita Sukanti lakra BPC 9777239095
ICDS – Tangarpali Smt Niharika Patel BPAcA 9937236173
District Initiatives

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District Photo Gallery