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ମିଶନ ଶକ୍ତି ବିଭାଗ ଓଡ଼ିଶା ସରକାର


ଅନୁଷ୍ଠାନ ନିର୍ମାଣ

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ଅନୁଷ୍ଠାନ ନିର୍ମାଣ

Institution building’ refers to attempts to improve the functioning of organizations by creating, strengthening or changing ‘institutional software’ – the way people relate to one another in the context of public action and public activities.

The core of institution building is ‘organization building’, the enterprise of trying to support improvements in the effectiveness of organizations through networks, by evolving their role, structure, management, procedures and affiliation. The objective is the effective accomplishment of gender equity, socioeconomic empowerment of women and policy action to expedite the desired change for a just society.

Institution building is a major dimension under Mission Shakti and represents organizations and inculcated values to achieve the goals and objectives of Mission Shakti. This is mainly concerned with the promotion of strong and viable multi-tiered institutions and collectives for women empowerment in Odisha. Mission Shakti facilitates formation of Women Self Help Groups (WSHGs). Further it supports promotion of higher level institutions/collectives of women SHGs such as at Gram Panchayat Level Federations (GPLFs) at the Gram Panchayat level, Block Level Federations (BLFs) at the ICDS Project level and District Level Federations (DLFs) at District level. Mission Shakti also works towards promotion of producers’ groups to give impetus to livelihood interventions through collective approach.

Mission Shakti focuses on quality management of those institutions through wide range of supporting hands at different level ranging from the Sub District to the State level.