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Department of Mission Shakti Government of Odisha


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About the District

Rayagada district came into existence on the 2nd October 1992. It is a tribal dominated district having 11 blocks (182 GPs). Rayagada is famous for its long glorious history as it was the centre of atrraction in all ages. It was a part of Kalinga empire during the region of Ashoka the Great.

Rayagada is famous for its stunning nature. The beauty of magnified with the presence of famous tribes like Dangaria Kandha & Lanjia Soura. These tribes are the identity of Raygada people. From all over the world people comes to discover the life style of these primitive culture.

Surprisingly the female ratio of Rayagada is high. In Rural areas Sex ratio is 1064 females per 1000 Males. These women are now developing and strengthening their wings to fly under the banner of Mission Shakti. About 1,41,917 nos. of Women are covered under 13094 nos. of Women Self Help Groups. Mission Shakti movement of Government of Odisha launched by Hon’ble Chief Minister Sri Nabin Pattanaik under Mission Shakti to strengthening WSHGs. WSHGs have takenup various Income Generating Activities to enhance their Financial status as well as the economy of the state through Income Generating Activities like- Tailoring, preparation & supply of Chhatua to AWCs, Broom making, Leafplate making, Dal processing, Brick making, Phenyle production, Agarbati making, Mushroom cultivation, Dairy Farming, Poultry farming, Gottery farming, Collection of Minor Forest Products etc. has been undertaken by varios Women Self Help Groups of the district. District Administration has planned to gear up the handloom activities which like Dangaria Shawl, Sarees & craft items like Saura painting, Dokra (Bronze craft items) ect. for connecting the WSHGs with International market.

After convergence with various Government departments more scope is there for sustainable livelihood of the Women of Rayagada.

Community Institutions
Name of the ICDS Project Name of the BLF Leader No. of GPLFs No. of SHGs
Bissamcuttack Basundhara Mahila mahasangha Pre – Singari Wadeka
Sec – Amita Kutruka
21 1,458
Chandrapur Aparajita Mahasangha Pre – Smt. Bishnu Pradhani
Sec – Smt. Padmini Banua
8 516
Gudari Indira Mahila Block Level Federation,Gudari Pre – Smt. Sanjukta Bira Dolai
Sec – Smt. Gitanjali Bebarta
9 751
Gunupur Gayatri Panchayat Samiti Mahasangha, Gunupur Pre – Smt. Manjushree Pattnaik
Sec – Smt. Krishnabeni Patro
19 1,478
K Singhpur K. Singhpur Block Mission Shakti Federation Pre – Smt. Sarita Patnayak
Sec – Smt. Sumitra Bibhor
14 1,007
Kashipur Biplabi Mahasangha Pre – Smt. Ambika Singh
Sec – Smt. Mina Chety
24 1609
Kolnara Kolnara Mission Shakti Pre – Smt Bishnu Priya Behera
Sec – Smt. Pramila Nayak
17 1,280
Muniguda Jagrata Mahasangha Pre – Smt. D. Damayanti Behera
Sec – Smt. Puspalata Dalei
17 1,302
Padmapur Swayam Shree Padmapur Mission Shakti Federation Padmapur Mission Shakti Federation Pre – Smt. Mamata Panigrahy
Sec – Smt. D.Tara
13 865
Ramanaguda Maa Majhi Gouri Panchayat Samiti Mahasangha Pre – Smt. Arati Mutuka
Sec – Smt. Sangita Pradhan
12 867
Rayagada SHG Mahasangha,ICDS Rayagada Pre – Smt Kumari Palaka
Sec – Smt. Sabita Tadingi
28 2,064
District Team
Unit Name Designation Official Mail ID Contact No.
District HQ Smt. Woheeda Begum DSWO 6856224076
District HQ Smt. Puspanjali Satapathy DMSC 9437951474
District HQ Sri Niranjan Mallick DPC 9438603128
District HQ Smt. Chanamala Sandhya Rani DPAcA 9040905589
ICDS – Bissamcuttack Smt. Susila Sabar CDPO 8763972236
ICDS – Bissamcuttack Smt. Nalini Behera BMSC 8249642664
ICDS – Bissamcuttack Sri Sibananda Uthansingh BPC 7749031579
ICDS – Bissamcuttack Sri Prasana Kumar Panda BPAcA 7008349046
ICDS – Chandrapur Smt. Meenakshi Sahu CDPO I/C 9437682291
ICDS – Chandrapur Smt. Meenakshi Sahu BMSC 9437682291
ICDS – Chandrapur Vacant BPC  
ICDS – Chandrapur Vacant BPAcA    
ICDS – Gudari Smt. Puspanjali Pattnaik CDPO 9438433134
ICDS – Gudari Smt. Bhagyabati Nayak BMSC 9439335411
ICDS – Gudari Sri Kranti Kumar Padhi BPC 9439686056
ICDS – Gudari Sri Babula Sabar BPAcA 7655878205
ICDS – Gunupur Smt. Karna Murmu CDPO 6857250206
ICDS – Gunupur Smt.Purnabasi Mandangi BMSC 9439929457
ICDS – Gunupur Sri Jayanta Kumar Sethi BPC 9971031886
ICDS – Gunupur Miss. Swati mandangi BPAcA 6371706607
ICDS – K Singhpur Smt. Nalini Bairagi CDPO I/C 7751075808
ICDS – K Singhpur Smt. Usharani Sahoo BMSC 8455824515
ICDS – K Singhpur Smt. Priyanka Priyadarsini Mulia BPC 7008903148
ICDS – K Singhpur Sri Prakash Bidika BPAcA 9937587484
ICDS – Kashipur Smt. Soudamini Patra CDPO 9437392270
ICDS – Kashipur Smt. Josoda Bivar BMSC 8917594098
ICDS – Kashipur Vacant BPC  
ICDS – Kashipur Vacant BPAcA    
ICDS – Kolnara Smt. G Girija CDPO 6856233684
ICDS – Kolnara Smt. Kamakhi Manjari Padhi BMSC 9438268992
ICDS – Kolnara Sri Pratap Naik BPC 9439460804
ICDS – Kolnara Sri Naresh Bidika BPAcA 7326970193
ICDS – Muniguda Smt. Sunil Prava Rath CDPO 8480234442
ICDS – Muniguda Smt. Binatabala Patnaik BMSC 9438012073
ICDS – Muniguda Sri Samanta Digal BPC 9438673584
ICDS – Muniguda Sri Akhila Nayak BPAcA 6372749310
ICDS – Padmapur Smt. Pramila Behera CDPO 6857266012
ICDS – Padmapur Smt. Anita Panigrahi BMSC 7978054570
ICDS – Padmapur Sri Sunil Kumar Mishra BPC 8270842508
ICDS – Padmapur Miss Jasmita Gamango BPAcA 6371545994
ICDS – Ramanaguda Smt. Santilata Rath CDPO 6857262118
ICDS – Ramanaguda Smt. Subasini Swain BMSC 9438104326
ICDS – Ramanaguda Sri Lazar Bhuyan BPC 8763631290
ICDS – Ramanaguda Sri Bagucheti Kiran Kumar BPAcA 9437272603
ICDS – Rayagada Smt.Meenakshi Dash CDPO I/C 6856224323
ICDS – Rayagada Smt.Sarada Patro BMSC I/C 8895322225
ICDS – Rayagada Sri Rajib Kumar Padhy BPC 9777941322
ICDS – Rayagada Miss Sashmita Parida BPAcA 7008554732
District Initiatives
  • Producer Groups formed for vegetable, pineapple and ginger cultivation with assured forward market linkage through ORMAS.
  • 2 SHGs facilitated for providing catering service on commercial scale.
District Photo Gallery