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ମିଶନ ଶକ୍ତି ବିଭାଗ ଓଡ଼ିଶା ସରକାର


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About the District

Dhenkanal District is centrally located on the Geo-Political map of Odisha, which is surrounded by beautiful wild lives and forests. The Dhenkanal District touches the boundary of Kendujhar district on its north, Cuttack district on south and bounded by Jajpur District on the east and Angul District on its west. Dhenkanal District covers an area of 10863 Sq. Km. It has a vast area covered with dense forests and a long range of hills.
The District lies between 85 degrees 58’ E to 86 degrees to 2’ E longitude and between 20 degrees 29’ N to 21 degrees 11’ N latitude. Dhenkanal district has its administrative headquarters in Dhenkanal town. In the present scenario of the administrative set up, there are 3 sub divisions, 8 Tehsils and 8 Blocks. There are total number of 212-Gram Panchayat, 4 Urban Bodies (1. Dhenkanal Municipality 2. Bhuban NAC, 3. Kamakhyanagar NAC and 4. Hindol NAC) and 15 police stations running in the District of Dhenkanal. As per 2011 Provisional Census the Dhenkanal District has 1237 villages having 11,92,948 populations out of which 6,12,597 Male populations and 5,80,351 Female Population. Dhenkanal District is having 79.41% literacy rate.
Dhenkanal District has a moderate climate. The District experiences hot with high humidity during April and May and cold during the winter months, i.e. December and January. The monsoon generally breaks during the month of June.

The District produces a substantial agricultural yield and paddy, ground nut, cashew nut, potato, mango, jackfruit, sugarcane and some vegetables as its primary agricultural products.

Community Institutions
Name of the ICDS Project Name of the BLF Leader No. of GPLFs No. of SHGs
Bhuban Block Level Federation Bhubana Pre – Saraswati Mohapatra
Sec – Bidyutprava Panigrahi
17 2027
Dhenkanal Sadar Sadar Block Mission Shakti Pre – Chhayakanti Roul
Sec – Sarita Sahoo
30 2619
Gondia Swayam Sahayak Mahasangha, Gondia Pre – Ruchismita Satpathy
Sec – Nirmara Sahu
30 1869
Hindol Soyamsahayak Gosthy,Hindol Pre – Minati Panigrahi
Sec – Santilata dash
35 2994
Kamakhyanagar Block Mission Shakti federation,Kamakhyanagar Pre – Anjali Barik
Sec – Namita Dehury
22 1996
Kankadahad Block Mission Shakti Federation Kankadahad Pre – Sanjukta senapati
Sec – Pratima Dehuri
21 1621
Odapada Block Mission shakti Federation,Odapada, Mahasangha , Odapada Pre – Swarnalata Brahma
Sec – Tilottama Nayak
26 2738
Parjang Block Federation Parjang block Pre – Alaka mohapatra
Sec – Pratima behera
26 2252
District Team
Unit Name Designation Official Mail ID Contact No.
District HQ Smt. Jayanti Behera DSWO 9437931750
District HQ Smt.Pratibha Dash DMSC 9937830371
District HQ Smt. Monalisha Bhanja DPC 9437303608
District HQ Tapaswini Behera DPAcA 8249300029
ICDS – Bhubana Smt. Pramodini Tripathy CDPO 7008873645
ICDS – Bhubana Smt. Nirmala sethy BMSC 9776106039
ICDS – Bhubana Ms. Mousumi Swain BPC-incharge 7657074226
ICDS – Bhubana Vacant BPAcA  
ICDS – Sadar Smt.Jyoshna Roy CDPO 9777631670
ICDS – Sadar Smt. Madhumita Sahoo BMSC 9437830374
ICDS – Sadar Smt. Uttaranu Chaudhary BPC 9439971446
ICDS – Sadar Vacant BPAcA  
ICDS – Gondia Smt. Urmila Dehury CDPO 9556895662
ICDS – Gondia Smt. Kabita dash BMSC 9437904185
ICDS – Gondia Smt. Sasmita Rout BPC 8596902453
ICDS – Gondia Vacant BPAcA  
ICDS – Hindol Smt. Berna Detta CDPO 9937993609
ICDS – Hindol Smt. Harapriya Das BMSC 9437058565
ICDS – Hindol Sri. Diraj samal BPC 9114095242
ICDS – Hindol Vacant BPAcA  
ICDS – Kamakhyanagar Smt. Pramodini Tripathy(In-charge) CDPO 7008873645
ICDS – Kamakhyanagar Smt. Susma sethy BMSC 9078437718
ICDS – Kamakhyanagar Ms. Mousumi Swain BPC 7978309697
ICDS – Kamakhyanagar Vacant BPAcA  
ICDS – Kankadahad Smt. Pravati Das CDPO 9437865881
ICDS – Kankadahad Smt. Lochana Sethy BMSC 9937738369
ICDS – Kankadahad Smt. Bibhabari Rout BPC 8456821774
ICDS – Kankadahad Vacant BPAcA  
ICDS – Odapada Smt. Puspanjali Parida CDPO 9437146798
ICDS – Odapada Smt. Sabita Misha BMSC 9437245644
ICDS – Odapada Ms. Annapurna Sahoo BPC 7008393889
ICDS – Odapada Vacant BPAcA  
ICDS – Parjang Subhara Dehury (In-Charge) CDPO 7894890894
ICDS – Parjang Kalpana kumari Dei BMSC 9937764964
ICDS – Parjang Sanjeeb Kumar jena BPC 9040748085
ICDS – Parjang Vacant BPAcA  
District Initiatives
  • District initiaves in Docra,Tribal jewelary, Wood works.
District Photo Gallery