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ମିଶନ ଶକ୍ତି ବିଭାଗ ଓଡ଼ିଶା ସରକାର

ଆର୍ଥିକ ଅନ୍ତର୍ଭୁକ୍ତୀକରଣ

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ଆର୍ଥିକ ଅନ୍ତର୍ଭୁକ୍ତୀକରଣ

Mission Shakti Programme is focused on providing appropriate financial support & services to the women of the State through their membership in SHGs & federations by linking them to financial institutions.

Under Mission Shakti, the SHG-Bank Linkage Programme is a major Financial Inclusion initiative, aiming at ensuring access to institutional credit by Women Self Help Groups, thereby promoting sustainable livelihoods. This programme facilitates building financial capabilities and self confidence in women, leveraging their internal savings and internal lending. Strategic partnership with banking sector is undertaken at various levels to ensure hassle free banking services to the SHG members.

Economic empowerment of women significantly contributes to their social empowerment and a small quantum of support makes them credit worthy to avail support from financial organisations. To accelerate this process, Government of Odisha under Mission Shakti programme provides financial supports to Women Self Help Groups (SHGs) and federations in different forms like Seed Money, Mission Shakti Loan and Revolving Fund.

  • Seed Money support of Rs. 15,000/- provided to each eligible SHG, that has not received micro credit/ revolving fund from any government scheme /program. This helps the SHG to demonstrate credit and investment worthiness of members and is helpful in availing Bank Linkage by increasing their group corpus. It also helps in any immediate needs which would have otherwise led to taking loans from money lender at high rates.
  • Revolving Fund financial support of Rs. 25 lakh per Block Level Federation (BLF) is being provided to all  BLFs in two phases. The objective is to strengthen the capacity and provide financial autonomy to the institution in utilising the funds. The fund is utilised for on lending to its member as per their business plan and requirements. The effective utilisation and recovery of credit ensure the sustainability of the institution.

Financial Literacy and Credit Counselling (FLCC) programmes are organised at village level for the women SHG members to educate and orient them on updated financial inclusion initiative by the Government, in convergence with other departments & financial institutions. Digitisation of financial records and auto generation of performance reports are some of the key activities being undertaken currently.