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ମିଶନ ଶକ୍ତି ବିଭାଗ ଓଡ଼ିଶା ସରକାର

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About the District

Gajapati District has been named after Maharaja Sri Krushna Chandra Gajapati Narayan Deo (The first primeminister of Odisha State) who is remembered for his contribution in formation of a separate Odisha province and inclusion of Paralakhemundi estate in Odisha. It got a District status on 2nd October 1992 after bifurcated from Ganjam District. There are 7 Tahasils, 7 Blocks, 1,534 Villages, 149 Gram Panchayats and 11 Police stations.

The colourful cultural mosaic, linguistic babel, bio-diversity and tourism potentialities of Gajapati district deserve public attention for efflorescence and Government’s care for protection and preservation. The entire district is dotted with many places of religious and secular interests and graced with vast wilderness of idyllic beauty, pastoral panorama, scenic, serine and sacred countenance.

Covering an area of 3850 sq km, Gajapati District lies between 18°.6’ to 19°.39’ North Latitude and 83°.48’ to 84°.08’ East Longitude. Climatic condition in the Gajapati District varies between 16 degree to 40 degree Celsius and the normal rainfall received is 1403.30 mm.The District is surrounded by Andhra Pardesh in its South, Ganjam District in its East, Rayagada in its West and Kandhamal in its North. The soil and climate is suitable for plantation of crops and there is a great potential of horticulture development in the District. More than 60 percent of lands are situated in hilly terrain and high lands. Those are mainly suitable for horticulture. Other cultivable land are coming under medium lands (20 percent) and low lands (15 percent) category.Economy of Gajapati District is agrarian in character. The geography and the climate are favourable for production of crops like paddy, sugarcane, sunflower, oilseeds, etc.

Total population of the Gajapati District (2011 census) was 5,77,817 comprising total 2,82,882 male population and 2,94,935 female population. Total SC population of the District is 39,175 and total ST population of the District is 3,13,714.

Under Mission Shakti WSHGs are formed both in rural and urban areas for Socio-economic development of women. Now 11,241 WSHGs are existing in Gajapati District. Mainly the livelihoods of the tribal groups depends upon the forest products like timber, bamboo, Hill broom, Patalgaruda, Soap nut, B.Kaliakhali, Marsinga leaf, Dhatuki flowers, Kochila seeds, Genduli Gum, Siali leaves, Kath Alai etc. Apart from this the WSHGs are involved in different income generationg activities such as preparing badi, pappad, pickels,spices maintaing grocerry shops, rendering public bus service, milk business, MDM, Pisciculture, supplying hospital diet to DHH & CHC.

Community Institutions
Name of the ICDS Project Name of the BLF Leader No. of GPLFs No. of SHGs
Mohana Missionn Shakti BMS Pre – Soubhagya pujari
Sec – Mausumi Nayak
39 2540
Gumma Maa Durga Swayang Sanchayika Mahasangha Pre – Babita Kumari Bebartta
Sec – Puspanjali Panda
20 1755
Kashinagar Banshadhara Block Mahasangha Pre – Mandavili Kiranmayee
Sec – Swarajya Charati
12 1141
Rayagada Priyadarshani Block Federation Pre – Indulata Bhuyan
Sec – Nirupama Das
21 1767
R. Udayagiri Samrudhi Block Level Mahila Mahasangha Pre – Sari Badakumara
Pre – Basanti Sadangi
17 1366
Nuagada Maa Sidheswari Mahila Sangha Pre – Gunarani Mali
Sec – Jamuna Dalabehera
19 1095
Gosani Sanchaya Shakti Mahasangha Pre – Mrs.Birajini Patra
Sec – Samita samal
21 1577
District Team
Unit Name Designation Official Mail ID Contact No.
District HQ Smt. Minati Dei DSWO 06815222025
District HQ Smt. Sarala Patra DMSC 8763581785
District HQ Shri Rashmi Ranjan Sethy DPC 9438504898
District HQ Smt. Manasmita Patro DPAcA 8637247521
ICDS – Gosani Gouri Nayak CDPO 06815283709
ICDS – Gosani Jagadeswari Allu BMSC 8895670040
ICDS – Gosani Mr. Laban Raita BPC 9861524501
ICDS – Gosani Nigam Prasad Padhy BPAcA 8249797714
ICDS – Gumma Anita Rani Pattnaik CDPO 9437723724
ICDS – Gumma Suchitra Sahu BMSC 9437661089
ICDS – Gumma Miss. Rasmita Patnaik BPC 8280973677
ICDS – Gumma Rajalakhami Raika BPAcA 9437380607
ICDS – Kashinagar Smt. Kanakalata Pujari CDPO 9438429718
ICDS – Kashinagar K. Sunita BMSC 8895148410
ICDS – Kashinagar Mr. Srikanta Patnaik BPC 9632136655
ICDS – Kashinagar Smt. Jenita Gamango BPAcA 9439354688
ICDS – Nuagada Surati Pradhan CDPO 9438000169
ICDS – Nuagada Nalini Kumari Pattnaik BMSC 9438406486
ICDS – Nuagada Manoj Kumar Pani BPC 9437791277
ICDS – Nuagada Santosh Kumar Bhuyan BPAcA 7077497936
ICDS – Mohana Smt. Lalita Mallick CDPO  
ICDS – Mohana Kabita Samal BMSC 8018830404
ICDS – Mohana Manoj Kumar Majhi BPC 8763604057
ICDS – Mohana Choudhuri Pujari BPAcA 7749879261
ICDS – Rayagada Tereskova Malllick CDPO 9437838236
ICDS – Rayagada Namita Mahrana BMSC 9437130617
ICDS – Rayagada Ambruta Kumar Parichha BPC 9439420648
ICDS – Rayagada Sanjay Kumar Sabar BPAcA 9658215771
ICDS – R.Udayagiri Smt. Abida Parveen CDPO 9437262686
ICDS – R.Udayagiri Snigdharani Bhuyan BMSC 8763182046
ICDS – R.Udayagiri Basanta kumar Badamundi BPC 9438854375
ICDS – R.Udayagiri Alin Kumar Raika BPAcA 9437887304
District Initiatives

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District Photo Gallery