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ମିଶନ ଶକ୍ତି ବିଭାଗ ଓଡ଼ିଶା ସରକାର


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About the District

The district of Jagatsinghpur came into being on the 1st of April 1993 after being separated from the erstwhile Cuttack district. Nicknamed ‘Banikshetra’, it has a glorious heritage of culture, art, history and archaeology.

Geographically, Jagatsinghpur lies between 860 3′ E to 860 45′ East longitude and between 190 58′ to 200 23′ North latitude and at an elevation of 15 meters (49 feet) from sea level & is triangular in shape. It is the smallest district in the state covering an area of 1759 km2. The rivers Mahanadi, Alaka, Biluakhai, Hansua, Devi and Paika which pass through the district, and two main canals, Taladanda & Machhagaon, are major sources of irrigation. Jagatsinghpur enjoys a temperate climate and is prone to cyclonic rainfalls and storms during the monsoons.
The history of Jagatsinghpur is a confluence of impacts of the Hindu, Mughal, Maratha and British empires. Anciently called ‘Hariharapur’, name of Jagatsinghpur came into existence as a revenue village in the later 1700s either in Mughal or Maratha rule. Jagatsinghpur’s rich historical antiquities and archaeological marvels find expression in the form of temples, sculptures, images spread across the district. The district also has had a major role to play in India’s freedom struggle through participation of prominent freedom fighters in the Civil Disobedience movement and the Salt Satyagraha.

Jagatsinghpur is also well known as the cultural heart land of Odisha. Adikabi Sarala Das, a 15th-century poet and scholar, who hails from this region is considered as an originator of Odia literature. The District is also famous for theatre groups (Gananatya), which have now become the part of mainstream entertainment for people all over Odisha. The festivals of Jagatsinghpur, namely, the Kalinga Baliyatra, the Boitabandan Utsav at Paradeep and Chelitola highlight Odisha’s glorious maritime history.

Jagatsinghpur District has only one sub-division namely Jagatsinghpur, 8 Blocks, 8 Tahasils, 1320 villages, 198 Gram Panchayats and 13 Police stations. It has a population of 1,136,971 with a density of 682 (2011 Census). Jagatsinghpur tops the list in terms of male literacy and second in female literacy in the state and ranks better than the national average in literacy.
The economy of Jagatsinghpur is predominantly agrarian, with 70% of the total population depending upon agriculture and agro–based productions. A section of people is also engaged processing, manufacturing, repairing and fisheries industries. Major large-scale industries in the district include Paradeep Phosphates Limited, Paradeep Plastic Park Limited, IFFCO- Fertilizer Plant, Essar Steel’s Pellet plant, Indian Oil Corporation Limited (IOCL) Refinery. Paradip Port, a natural deep-water port which was built here in the 1960s is the only major port in the state and has now emerged as a major maritime gateway in the east coast.

Major tourist attractions and places of visit in the district are Sarala Temple, Gorakhnath Temple, Chandapur Temple, Somanath temple, Jagannath temple in Ambasal, Astasanmbhu Siva Temple, Siddheswor temple, Alaka Ashram, Paradip, Gada Kujanga, Siali beach, Dhalatangada forest division, and Bandara .

The Women Self Help Group movement of the Government of Odisha, under the banner of Mission Shakti has taken 2,18,180 women (and counting) in Jagatsinghpur from all age groups, religious, cultural and socio-economic backgrounds under its fold through formation of 19, 437 WSHGs. Between 2001 and 2019, these women have been empowered individually, institutionally, socially and economically through various interventions in form of grants/ funds, financial inclusion, institution building, training and capacity building, and livelihoods development and management. Other agencies like Odisha Livelihoods Mission (OLM), Odisha Rural Development and Marketing Society (ORMAS), with similar goals have also contributed significantly towards women empowerment in the district. In contrast to traditional income generating activities like food products, farming/ agriculture, handicrafts, tailoring, toys, etc., the WSHGs today are venturing into new areas like manufacturing LED bulbs, producing sanitary napkins, running buses, electricity meter reading and bill collection, pisciculture, poultry farming, running PDS units and LPG gas cylinder supply agencies. About 700 WSHGs are engaged in several of the income generating activities in Jagatsinghpur and another 1100 are interested in taking up many of these activities. Several more are enrolled in different training and capacity building programmes after about 1400 newly formed WSHGs have been financially strengthened through Bank linkage. Maa Durga SHG (Lentil dumplings, Poppadum, Incense sticks, etc.), Maa Mangala SHG (Palm leaf products), and Bhagabati SHG (jute products) have been felicitated in the State level. About 300 WSHGs are presently involved in provisioning services of Government departments under a convergence programme of Mission Shakti with ten Government departments. The WSG movement in the district is steadfast and is steadily progressing towards achievement of goals set.

Community Institutions
Name of the ICDS Project Name of the BLF Leader No. of GPLFs No. of SHGs
Balikuda Jyoti Balikuda Pre – Sabita Das
Sec – Arati Parida
30 3,228
Biridi Jyoti Biridi Pre – Rashmirekha Tripathy
Sec – Sabita Dash
21 1,458
Erasama Jyoti Erasama Pre – Minati Ghadei
Sec – Latika Swain
25 2,608
Jagatsinghpur Jyoti Jagatsinghpur Pre – Shakuntala Dash
Sec – Shakuntala Mishra
18 2,658
Kujanga Jyoti Kujanga Pre – Manorama Mohapatra
Sec – Tapaswini Pattnaik
28 4,001
Naugaon Jyoti Naugaon Pre – Snehalata Lenka
Sec – Ranjubala Muduli
16 1,226
Raghunathpur Jyoti Raghunathpur Pre – Bishnupriya Acharya
Sec – Mrunmayee Panda
19 1,618
Tirtol Jyoti Tirtol Pre – Sabita Rout
Sec – Renubala Sahu
29 2,709
District Team
Unit Name Designation Official Mail ID Contact No.
District HQ Smt. Swarna Manjari Nayak DSWO 06724-221121
District HQ Smt. Krishna Kumari Rout DMSC 7978677324
District HQ Aveek Narain DPC 9937197319
District HQ Gulsan Khatoon DPAcA 7205814779
ICDS- Balikuda Smt. Sarala Dei CDPO 06724-238906
ICDS- Balikuda Smt. Latika Pal BMSC 9337760261
ICDS- Balikuda Satyartha Prakash Parida BPC 8637250585
ICDS- Balikuda Saroj Kumar Das BPAcA 7873561576
ICDS- Biridi Smt. Gouri Dei CDPO 06724-268057
ICDS- Biridi Smt. Dhanishree Naik BMSC 9437504416
ICDS- Biridi Bijaya Kumar Rana BPC 9438726865
ICDS- Biridi Dambar Dhar Sahoo BPAcA 7809185898
ICDS- Erasama Smt. Manjulata Behera CDPO  
ICDS- Erasama Smt. Kanchan Bala Nayak BMSC 9439940476
ICDS- Erasama Kartik Swain BPC 9438589511
ICDS- Erasama Smruti Ranjan Das BPAcA 7873958631
ICDS- Jagatsinghpur Smt. Anupama Dash CDPO 06724-222902
ICDS- Jagatsinghpur Subhasmita Das BMSC 9348308063
ICDS- Jagatsinghpur Nibedita Das BPC 9348135763
ICDS- Jagatsinghpur Lala Debashis Ray BPAcA 7978957646
ICDS- Kujanga Smt. Tanuprava Beura CDPO  
ICDS- Kujanga Kalpana Barik BMSC 8917585351
ICDS- Kujanga Jyotshna rani Mantri BPC 7008554213
ICDS- Kujanga Pradeep Kumar Behera BPAcA 7978291025
ICDS- Naugaon Smt. Raseswari Mohanty CDPO 06724-233644
ICDS- Naugaon Purnima Das BMSC 9777118183
ICDS- Naugaon Sasanka Sekhar Swain BPC 9439006914
ICDS- Naugaon Anil Kumar Sahoo BPAcA 9090663215
ICDS- Raghunathpur Smt. Jyotsnarani Mallick CDPO 06724-267406
ICDS- Raghunathpur Smt. Sanjukta Das BMSC 8339885462
ICDS- Raghunathpur Snehapriya Swain BPC 9583604623
ICDS- Raghunathpur Subuli Sethy BPAcA 8594836353
ICDS- Tirtol Smt. Nivedita Bibhutiray CDPO  
ICDS- Tirtol Smt. Salila Pradhan BMSC 9439628362
ICDS- Tirtol Vacant BPC    
ICDS- Tirtol Malbika Behera BPAcA 8847850690
District Initiatives
  • Distribution of fruit tree saplings to SHG members (through purchase) for back yard plantation, in order to meet their nutritional requirements and creation of an additional source of income.
  • Large scale plantation of trees by BLF and maintenance through SHGs.
  • Transporting the affected to Cyclone shelters and elderly voters to voting centres.
  • Construction of IHHLs by SHGs under Swachh Bharat Mission.
District Photo Gallery