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ମିଶନ ଶକ୍ତି ବିଭାଗ ଓଡ଼ିଶା ସରକାର


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About the District

Jharsuguda was formed on 1st January 1994 is an industrially developed and Mineral rich District of Odisha. It was created by amalgamation of the erstwhile Jamindars of Rampur, Kolabira, Padampur and Kudabaga. The District shares state borders with Sundargarh in North, Sambalpur in East, Bargarh in South and Chattisgarh state in West. The total area of the district is 2,081 sq kms and lies between 21.82-degree north latitude and 84.1-degree east longitude.

As per census 2011, the total population of the District is 5,79,505 consisting of 352 villages. Urban Population accounts for 2,31,165 whereas rural population accounts for 3,48,340. The state is having population ratio of 9:10 with total number of females as 2,82,815. The total literacy rate of the District is 78.86% comprising 70.73% female literacy rate.

For Administrative setup, there are total five Tahsils (Jharsuguda, Lakhanpur, Laikera, Kolabira-N and Kirmira-N) & five Blocks (Jharsuguda, Lakhanpur, Kolabira, Laikera, Kirimira) and 2 Urban local bodies (Brajrajnagar Urban and Jharsuguda Urban) in the District. The District of Jharsuguda is characterized by a hot dry summer. The temperature in the month of May is 42 degree at the maximum. The average rainfall of the District is 1500 millimeter. From April to August the wind blows from south and southwest whereas from September onwards wind blows from North West.

Community Institutions
Name of the ICDS Project Name of the BLF Leader No. of GPLFs No. of SHGs
Brajrajnagar MaaJagruti Federation Pre – Pramila Roy Chaudhuri
Sec – YagneswariMahata
19 703
Jharsuguda-U MaaBiswa Janani Federation Pre – Bhagya BatiNayik
Sec – Bijli Podh
12 1018
Jharsuguda-R Pragati Block StariyaMaha Sangha Pre – Manjushree Patel
Sec – DamyantiMeher
17 1177
Kirmira Block Stariya Adarsha Mahasangha Pre – Panchami Rout
Sec – Hemlata Patel
8 726
Kolabira MaaSamleswari Federation Pre – SurjaKanti Chand
Sec -PravasiniSahu
9 848
Laikera Block Stariya Mission Shakti Sangha Pre – NilimaSohala
Sec – Swarnalata Nayak
7 866
Lakhanpur MaaJagatjanani Block Level Federation Pre – Kumudini Majhi
Sec – Mita Rani Pasayat
34 2122
District Team
Unit Name Designation Official Mail ID Contact No.
District HQ Suprava Seth DSWO 06645-271939
District HQ SandhyaraniSahu DMSC 9439224112
District HQ Seema Tigga DPC 9438483007
District HQ TarulataBhoi DPAcA 7873179895
ICDS – Brajrajnagar Purnamasi Sahoo CDPO 9937207897
ICDS – Brajrajnagar NarmiHasda BMSC 9937338856
ICDS – Brajrajnagar Vacant BPC    
ICDS – Brajrajnagar Vacant BPAcA    
ICDS – Jharsuguda Urban Sarojini Ekka CDPO 9439746755
ICDS – Jharsuguda Urban SwarnamanjariSamal BMSC 9437737620
ICDS – Jharsuguda Urban Vacant BPC    
ICDS – Jharsuguda Urban Vacant BPAcA    
ICDS – Jharsuguda Rural Suprava Mahapatra CDPO 06645-270128
ICDS – Jharsuguda Rural Sarini jojo BMSC 9938918587
ICDS – Jharsuguda Rural Susikta Mohanty BPC 9090669269
ICDS – Jharsuguda Rural Deepak Ku. Patel BPAcA 7008504585
ICDS – Kirmira Josabanti Purohit CDPO 9938218504
ICDS – Kirmira Supva pandey BMSC 7751908666
ICDS – Kirmira Vacant BPC    
ICDS – Kirmira Sandeep Pradhan BPAcA 9439396143
ICDS – Kolabira Punyabati Helen Xess CDPO 9938197805
ICDS – Kolabira Jamuna Tandia BMSC 9556066304
ICDS – Kolabira Vacant BPC    
ICDS – Kolabira Gokule Naik BPAcA 9776173610
ICDS – Laikera Sunanda Hota CDPO 7077626796
ICDS – Laikera Jharana Naik BMSC 9938770901
ICDS – Laikera Vacant BPC    
ICDS – Laikera Manas Ku. Patel BPAcA 7008541306
ICDS – Lakhanpur Arati Joshi CDPO 9437421144
ICDS – Lakhanpur Sheela Pradhan BMSC 9438525715
ICDS – Lakhanpur Vacant BPC    
ICDS – Lakhanpur Polesh Ku. Pradhan BPAcA 7008699608
District Initiatives

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District Photo Gallery