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ମିଶନ ଶକ୍ତି ବିଭାଗ ଓଡ଼ିଶା ସରକାର


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About the District

Keonjhar district is full of natural scenic beauty with greenery forest, rivers and water fall that enhance the beauty of Tribal District. This district is surrounded by the Mayurbhanj, Bhadrak, Jajapur, Anugul, Sundergardh and West Singhbhum of Jharkhand with an area of 8303 sq. Km. which lies between 850 .11’’ to 860. 22’’ east longitude and 200. 01’’ north latitude. The major river of the district is Baitarini originates from Gonasika hill and flows and passes boarder of Singhbhum(Jharkhand), Mayurbhanj, Jajpur and finaly falls in Bay of Bengal at Dhamara Bhadrak District.The Climatic condition has been characterized by hot-summer, cold- winter and prolonged erratic monsoon. The summer starts from March to June. The normal monsoon starts from second week of June and ends in September which is 75% of rain fall and the rest 25% comes from October to December. The December and January are the cold months. The rural population of the district is 86%.

As per 2011 census, the total population of Keonjhar District is 1,801,733. The District comprises total 9,06,487 male populations and total 8,95,246 female populations. Total SC population of the District is 2,09,357 whereas the ST population is 8,18,878. As per the administrative set up is concerned, the Keonjhar District has got three sub divisions namely Anandpur, Champua and Keonjhar. There are 13 tahsils, 13 blocks, 297 GPs, 2132 villages,4 Municipalities and 1 NAC functioning in the District. Keonjhar is one of the major mineral producing Districts of Odisha. Iron ore, Manganese ore, Chromate, Quartzite, Bauxite, Gold, Pyrophillite and Lime Stone are the major minerals found in this District. There are also engineering and metal based industries (53 numbers), chemical and allied industries including plastic industries (48 numbers) and agro and marine based industries (242 numbers) functioning in this District.

Community Institutions
Name of the ICDS Project Name of the BLF Contact No. of GPLFs No. of SHGs
Anandapur Anadamayee Mission Shakti Federation Pre – Trupti Sahoo
Sec – Subhashree Mishra
18 2015
Banspal Sagartanaya Ms Federation Pre – Padmini Behera
Sec – Sandhya Mohanty
21 1380
Champua Maa Tulasi Ms Federation Pre –  Sebati Mahakud
Sec –  Bhagabati Mahanta
22 1774
Ghasipura Jhadeswar Mission Shakti Pre –  Kalpana Biswal
Sec –  Namita Das
25 2411
Ghatagaon Maa Tarini Ms Federation Pre –  Sadhana Mahakud
Sec –  Sumitra Mahakud
27 1981
Harichandanpur Kasturaba Mission Shakti  Federation Pre – Raimani Mahanta
Sec – Rebati Sahoo
25 2206
Hatadihi Block Mission Shakti Federation Pre –  Bhanumati Behera
Sec –  Debaki Nyak
28 2062
Jhumpura Jay Durga Mission Shakti Federation Pre – Nisamani Das
Sec – Sushila Pradhan
20 1746
Joda(T) Gayatri Ms Federation Pre – Hemabati Barik
Sec – Pankajini Barik
19 1894
Joda(U) SAMIKHYA MS Fed. Pre – Pramila Prasad
Sec – Jayanti Sahoo
Sadar Sarbashaktimayee Missionshakti Fede Pre – Prativamanjari Sahu
Sec – Surati Ghana
25 3125
Patna Baitarani Ms Federation Pre – Khiramoni Mohanta
Sec – Khulana Mohanta
20 2037
Saharpada Dibyajoti Ms Federation Pre – Ninilata Singh
Sec – Tusharika Mohanta
20 1685
Telkoi Charigarh Mission Shakti Federation Pre – Dulana Khilar
Sec – Satyabhama Singh
20 1367
District Team
Name Designation Unit Official Mail ID Contact No.
Smt. Satyapriyadarshini Sahu (I/C) DSWO District  HQ 9437656051
Smt. Swapnamayee Panda DMSC District  HQ 9438818503/



Shri Shishir Ku.Sarangi DPC District  HQ 8917389147/



Shri Priyaranjan Tudu DPAcA District  HQ 7894725812
Smt.Stayabhama Sethy CDPO ICDS – Andapur 9439190524
Smt.Binodini Maharana BMSC ICDS – Andapur 9337397493
Shri Ashwani Das BPC ICDS – Andapur 8895536329
Vacant BPAcA ICDS – Andapur  
Smt. Kapora Majhi CDPO ICDS – Bansapal 9438377455
Smt. Manjulata Sahoo BMSC ICDS – Bansapal 9439117367
Vacant BPC ICDS – Bansapal  
Vacant BPAcA ICDS – Bansapal  
Smt.Seeta Murmu CDPO ICDS – Champua 9437360506
Smt.Laxmi Khoya BMSC ICDS – Champua 9937808958
Shri Traylokya Malla BPC ICDS – Champua 8342838603
Vaccant BPAcA ICDS – Champua  
Smt. Satyabhama Sethy(I/C) CDPO ICDS – Ghasipura 9439190524
Smt. Haramani Naik BMSC ICDS – Ghasipura  
Shri  Saroj Kumar Maharana BPC ICDS – Ghasipura 9132939091
Vacant BPAcA ICDS – Ghasipura 9438602440
Smt. Snehalata Dei CDPO ICDS – Ghatagaon 7008434700/



Smt. Rinalata Mahanta BMSC ICDS – Ghatagaon 7008159100
Shri Jangyaswara Naik BPC ICDS – Ghatagaon 9777566734
Vacant BPAcA ICDS – Ghatagaon  
Smt. Prabina Naik CDPO ICDS – Harichandanpur 9437717615
Smt. Swarnalata Mahanta BMSC ICDS – Harichandanpur 8895544708
Shri Bijayananda Mahanta BPC ICDS – Harichandanpur 9178049388
Vaccant BPAcA ICDS – Harichandanpur  
Vaccant CDPO ICDS – Hatadihi  
Smt. Joyshnarani Mohanta BMSC ICDS – Hatadihi 8658528521
Shri  Debabrata Samal BPC ICDS – Hatadihi 7008304378
Vacant BPAcA ICDS – Hatadihi  
Smt. Sanjulata Naik CDPO ICDS – Jhumpura 9439448468
Smt. Manasi Das BMSC ICDS – Jhumpura 8917458620
Smt. Kalyani Satpathy BPC ICDS – Jhumpura 7978727885/



Vacant BPAcA ICDS – Jhumpura  
Smt. Seeta Murmu (I/c) CDPO ICDS – Joda T 9437360506
Smt. Jayanti Mahanta BMSC ICDS – Joda T 9178530056
Vacant BPC ICDS – Joda T  
Vacant BPAcA ICDS – Joda T  
Smt. Sabita Das CDPO ICDS – Joda U 9437827261
Smt. Manimala Naik BMSC ICDS – Joda U 8249114755
Vacant BPC ICDS – Joda U  
Vacant BPAcA ICDS – Joda U  
Smt. Prabhasini Chakra CDPO ICDS – Sadar 9438373201
Smt. Sushila Mishra BMSC ICDS – Sadar 9437252815
Shri Mahendra Mahanta BPC ICDS – Sadar 7008444693
Vacant BPAcA ICDS – Sadar  
Smt. Tilottoma Mahapatra CDPO ICDS – Patna 9437715562
Smt. Sumati Mahanta BMSC ICDS – Patna 8249173187
Shri Rajesh Kindo BPC ICDS – Patna 7894807676/



Vacant BPAcA ICDS – Patna  
Smt. Soudamini Panda CDPO ICDS – Saharpada 9438492027
Smt. Satyabhama Mahanta BMSC ICDS – Saharpada 7978677517
Vacant BPC ICDS – Saharpada  
Vacant BPAcA ICDS – Saharpada  
Smt. Suprava Mishra CDPO ICDS – Telkoi 9437456170
Smt. Debaki Mahanta BMSC ICDS – Telkoi 9556719131
Vacant BPC ICDS – Telkoi  
Vacant BPAcA ICDS – Telkoi  
District Initiatives
  • Kendujhari Phoola Badi
  • Paper Products
  • Commercial Vegetable Cultivation
  • Mushroom Production
  • Taking electric meter reading through WSHG
  • THR and HCM through WSHG
  • Pisciculture by taking lease of GP tank through WSHG
  • Semi commercial layer farming in dip litter system through WSHG
  • Teracotta/Paddy craft/Coconut oil/hastasilipi
  • Paper Bag and cotton Bag
District Photo Gallery