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ମିଶନ ଶକ୍ତି ବିଭାଗ ଓଡ଼ିଶା ସରକାର

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About the District

Ganjam District derived its name from the word “Ganj–i–am” which means the “Granary of world”. From other sources it also revels that Ganjam District is named after the Old Township and European fort of Ganjam situated on the northern bank of river Rushikulya, which was the headquarter of the District. Ganjam’s total area is 8,070 km². The district headquarters is Chhatrapur. Ganjam is divided into three sub-divisions Chhatrapur, Berhampur, and Bhanjanagar. Further in the year 1992, after reorganization of districts by Government of Odisha, the 7 blocks of Parlakhemundi subdivision were separated and the new district of Gajapati formed and 3 subdivisions, 22 blocks, and 18 urban areas remain in Ganjam district. The total Ganjam district population living in rural areas is 2,761,030 of which males and females are 1,383,636 and 1,377,394 respectively and a literacy rate of 71.88%. In rural areas of Ganjam district, sex ratio is 995 females per 1000 males.Ganjam District is a beautiful holder of many fairs and festivals. The District enjoys celebration of different festivals round the year. The District is not only famous for its beaches, historic monuments, scenic beauty but also for its colourful festivals. Those festivals in tha Ganjam District can be categorised into two different parts, one is Domestic festival and the other one is Public festivals. The Domestic festivals are observed in each Public household and are celebrated by large number of people in a group. Festivals like Dola Yatra, Tara Tarini Yatra, Thakurani Yatra, Siva Ratri etc the commonly celebrated festivals in Ganjam. Prahlad natak is a form of traditional theatre with a one play repertoire from the southern District of Odisha, is commonest in Ganjam. Ganjam is known for its beaches bordering the Bay of Bengal, the most famous ones being Gopalpur (a famous tourist destination) and Dhavaleshwar. The most populous city in Ganjam, Berhampur, is famous for silver filigree and silk sarees woven with gold and silver threads.The Scheduled Tribes account for 2.88 percent population of the district and Khond etc. (49.33 percent), Shabar (25.46 percent) and Saora (14.37 percent) are the largest tribal groups in the district.Ganjam is the 3rd biggest district in terms of size and first in terms of population. The economy of the district is mainly dependent upon cultivation. Out of each100 workers in the district 63 are engaged in agricultural sector.
The SHG movent was started a long back in Ganjam district. and it is  home to highest nos of SHGs amongst all the 30 districts in Odisha. As on date a total of 41,190 Women SHGs have been formed in Ganjam district since inception of Mission Shakti in Ganjam district.Majority of the WSHGs are engaged in Agriculture and allied activites. Apart from this many SHGs prepare Badhi , papad, pickles  as its native to Ganjam district.  Silk Saree are famous and highly demanding are produced here in Berhampur, Ganjam.

Community Institutions
Name of the ICDS Project Name of the BLF Leader No. of GPLFs No. of SHGs
Aska Block Level Federation, Aska Pre – Meerabye Siya
Sec – Dhani Rani Bishoyi
0 1,976
Beguniapada Block Mission Shakti Mahasangha, Beguniapada Pre – K.Urmila Patra
Sec – Bimala Das
23 1,748
Bellaguntha Block Level Federation, Bellaguntha Pre – K. Mamata Patro
Sec – Namita Das
0 1,806
Berhampur (U-I) B Mass, Berhampur Pre – Sukanti Behera
Sec – P.Baby
0 661
Berhampur (U-II) Block Level Federation Pre – Smt. Kajal Patra
Sec – Smt. Mama Maharana
0 1,371
Bhanjanagar Block Level Federation, Bhanjanagar Pre – Kamala Dash
Sec – Laxmi Dangua
0 1,958
Buguda Block Level Federation,Buguda Pre – Niladri Mahapatra
Sec – Saudamini Mulli
0 1,560
Chhatrapur Mahila Mahasangha Chatrapur Block Pre – Bidyut prava Das
Sec – Shailabala Rath
18 2,051
Chikiti BLF Mission Shakti Chikiti Pre – Gitanjali Padhy
Sec – Aruna Kumari Raulo
17 1,911
Dharakote Block Mission Shakti Federation, Dharakote Pre – Jyotsna Kumari Dalai
Sec – Gitanjali Sahu
9 1,356
Digapahandi BLF Mission Shakti ,Digapahandi Pre – Smt. Rupashree Pradhan
Sec – Smt. Silpa Mohanty
0 1,704
Ganjam Block Level Federation Ganjam Block Pre – Shelina Calpaper
Sec – Janhabi Behera
15 1,643
Hinjilikut Block Level Federation ,Hinjilcut Pre – Sabita Pradhan
Sec – Bishnu Behera
0 1,324
J.N. Prasad Block Mahilamahasangha, Jagannath Prasad Pre – Sukanti Maharana
Sec – Saraju Kumari Pradhan
0 1,805
K.S. Nagar Block Mission Shakti Mahasangha Pre – Damayanti Panigrahi
Sec – Kuni Behera
13 1,340
Khallikote BLF Mission Shakti, Khallikote Pre – Sabita Sethy
Sec – S.Laxmi Patra
24 2,788
Kukudakhandi BLF Mission Shakti, Kukudakhandi Pre – Sabita Dalabehera
Sec – Revatimohan Pensa
0 1,303
Patrapur Mission Shakti BLF, Patrapur Pre – Hemabati Panda
Sec – Santoshi Patra
23 1,499
Polosara Mahila Mahasangha, Polasara Block Pre – Sasmita Dash
Sec – Sugyani Pradhan
26 1,481
Purusottampur Block Level Mission Shakti Federation Pre – Smt. Kuni Patra
Sec – Mohini Nayak
0 1,570
Rangeilunda Rangeilunda Block Mahila Mahasangha Pre – P.Puspanjali Reddy
Sec – Radha Nayak
30 2,250
Sanakhemundi Block Level Federation Mission Shakti Pre – Tanu Parida
Sec – Babita Behera
0 1,613
Sheragada B’Mass BLF Mission Shakti ,Sheragada Pre – Bhagyalaxmi Sahu
Sec – Sumati Naik
21 1,927
Sorada Block Mission Shakti Mahasangha,Surada Pre – Santosini Patro
Sec – Bidesini Patra
26 2,566
District Team
Unit Name Designation Official Mail ID Contact No.
District HQ Smt. Surekha Sundari Mallick DSWO  
District HQ Sadhan Chandra Das ADSWO 7205069656
District HQ Ms. Kabita Nag DMSC   8658048362
District HQ Sri Saswat Kumar Sahoo DPC 9040144264
District HQ Smt. Namita Pradhan DPAcA 9178485258
ICDS – Aska Smt. Bharati Mahapatra CDPO  
ICDS – Aska Smt. Babita Panda BMSC 9437059235
ICDS – Aska Chandra Sekhar Behera BPC 9668666997
ICDS – Aska Vacant BPAcA    
ICDS – Beguniapada Gayatri Mishra CDPO  
ICDS – Beguniapada Smt. Ranjita Bisoyi BMSC   9778026633
ICDS – Beguniapada Dillip Kumar Behera BPC 9439133002
ICDS – Beguniapada Vacant BPAcA    
ICDS – Bellaguntha Krishna Kumari Pradhan CDPO  06821258011
ICDS – Bellaguntha Smt. Milima Panda BMSC   8658585788
ICDS – Bellaguntha Prasanta Kumar Naik BPC 9040644406
ICDS – Bellaguntha Vacant BPAcA    
ICDS – Berhampur – I Puspanjali Mishara CDPO  
ICDS – Berhampur – I Ms. Premabati Dash BMSC    
ICDS – Berhampur – I Vacant BPC    
ICDS – Berhampur – I Vacant BPAcA    
ICDS – Berhampur – II Bijayalaxmi Nayak CDPO  
ICDS – Berhampur – II V Manimala BMSC   9937100116
ICDS – Berhampur – II Vacant BPC    
ICDS – Berhampur – II Vacant BPAcA    
ICDS – Bhanjanagar Bishnupriya Sethi CDPO 06821241030
ICDS – Bhanjanagar Ms. Geetanjali pattnaik BMSC   8457980482
ICDS – Bhanjanagar Smt. Puspanjali Nahak BPC 9937980130
ICDS – Bhanjanagar Swagatika Sethi BPAcA   9658193916
ICDS – Buguda Ranjita Tripathy CDPO  
ICDS – Buguda Smt. Nalini Maharana BMSC   9938776162
ICDS – Buguda Sanatan Sahu BPC 8723909110
ICDS – Buguda Vacant BPAcA    
ICDS – Chatrapur Smt. Krishna Kumari Nanda CDPO  
ICDS – Chatrapur Rachana Pradhan BMSC   7655001809
ICDS – Chatrapur Smt. Swapna Patra BPC 8249200379
ICDS – Chatrapur Sivani Maharana BPAcA   7008632284
ICDS – Chikiti Smt. Madhuri Kumari Padhy CDPO  
ICDS – Chikiti A. Krishna Kumari BMSC   86372 24378
ICDS – Chikiti Mr. Sriram Panda BPC 9438234904
ICDS – Chikiti Sanjay Kumar Panda BPAcA   9438767901
ICDS – Dharakote Dalimba Nayak CDPO  
ICDS – Dharakote Smt. Sabita Sabata BMSC 9437885239
ICDS – Dharakote Nilanchal Sahu BPC 9438604568
ICDS – Dharakote Bishnu Prasad Behera BPAcA 9439326467
ICDS – Digapahandi Smt. Yasobanti Sahoo CDPO  
ICDS – Digapahandi Smt. Manisa Pattanaik BMSC   7684063216
ICDS – Digapahandi Ajaya Kumar Sahu BPC 9040517313
ICDS – Digapahandi Vacant BPAcA    
ICDS – Ganjam Smt Salila Pradhan CDPO  
ICDS – Ganjam Smt. Bharati Brahma BMSC 9861150221
ICDS – Ganjam Chandan Kumar Padhy BPC 7788919794
ICDS – Ganjam B Srilaxmi Subudhi BPAcA 9040637170
ICDS – Hinjilcut Subhashree Patra CDPO 06811-280907
ICDS – Hinjilcut Smt. Banaja Behera BMSC   9777803387
ICDS – Hinjilcut Smt. Nalini Singh BPC 6370419814
ICDS – Hinjilcut Niranjan Mohanty BPAcA   8908077684
ICDS – JNPrasad Manimala Naik CDPO  
ICDS – JNPrasad Bhagyalata Behera BMSC   9668697148
ICDS – JNPrasad Sita Baral BPC 9439920725
ICDS – JNPrasad Bhakti Sagar Pradhan BPAcA   9438720453
ICDS – Kabisurya Nagar Smt. Beenapani Misha CDPO  
ICDS – Kabisurya Nagar Smt. Basanti Das BMSC   9861981065
ICDS – Kabisurya Nagar Subashish Sethi BPC 9938747860
ICDS – Kabisurya Nagar Truptimayee Muduli BPAcA   8093236991
ICDS – Khallikote Smt.Ansupa sahu CDPO  
ICDS – Khallikote Smt. Geetanjali Behera BMSC 9437825764
ICDS – Khallikote Ms. Deepika Sethy BPC 8895361098
ICDS – Khallikote Suresh Chandra Das BPAcA   7894983893
ICDS – Kukudakhandi Kusuma Kumari Sahu CDPO  
ICDS – Kukudakhandi Gitanjali Raulo BMSC   8249100457
ICDS – Kukudakhandi Bhabani Behera BPC 7682881200
ICDS – Kukudakhandi Sagarika Devi BPAcA   7873898463
ICDS – Polasara Smt. Kuntala Kumari Naik CDPO  
ICDS – Polasara Suravi Kusuma Das BMSC 9937159734
ICDS – Polasara Kiran Kumar Sahu BPC 9438042050
ICDS – Polasara Vacant BPAcA    
ICDS, Patrapur Smt. Padmani Sahu CDPO  
ICDS, Patrapur Smt.G.Laxmi Bai BMSC   8847832986
ICDS, Patrapur Sai Dutta Behera BPC 6372302099
ICDS- Patrapur Saroj Mallik BPACA   8895155292
ICDS – Purusottampur Smt. Sabita Chau Pattanaik CDPO    
ICDS – Purusottampur Smt. Indira Panda BMSC   7978425536
ICDS – Purusottampur Rajat Kumar Behera BPC 9937319802
ICDS – Purusottampur Rasmita Nayak BPACA   8249409590
ICDS – Rangeilunda Smt.Jyotsna Padhy CDPO  
ICDS – Rangeilunda Smt. Soudamini Sahu BMSC   9658677711
ICDS – Rangeilunda Sarmistha Parichha BPC 8280232069
ICDS – Rangeilunda Sunil Kumar Patnaik BPAcA   9438237415
ICDS – Sanakhemundi Smt. Archana Kanhar CDPO  
ICDS – Sanakhemundi Smt. Anima Pradhan BMSC   87637 48090
ICDS – Sanakhemundi Sri Durjyaodhan Mallick BPC 9437521404
ICDS – Sanakhemundi Pramodini Rauto BPAcA   9337974080
ICDS – Sheragada Smt. Bijayalaxmi Nisaka CDPO  
ICDS – Sheragada Minati Jena BMSC   8018184375
ICDS – Sheragada Smt. Jhili Ku. Pradhan BPC 8018158360
ICDS – Sheragada Vacant BPAcA    
ICDS – SURDA Ms. Sarojini Behera CDPO  
ICDS – SURDA Basanti Dash BMSC   9861981065
ICDS – SURDA Sri Susanta Nayak BPC 9861835572
ICDS – SURDA Prasanta Pradhan BPAcA   9776462722
District Initiatives
  • A new programme namely Swayamsiddha started in the District where women SHGs shall be trained to tackle disaster management and other eventualities.
  • Some market demanding livelihood activities like Floriculture Orchid, Kewa are being done by the SHGs. District  special convergence initiative like Farm implements dealership by SHGs, Seed Village by SHGs are currently being planned to start.
District Photo Gallery