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ମିଶନ ଶକ୍ତି ବିଭାଗ ଓଡ଼ିଶା ସରକାର


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About the District

Sambalpur is among the few parent districts of Odisha which were constituted in 1936. In 2011, the district was divided in to four districts namely Jharsuguda, Deogarh, Bargarh and sambalpur. The district has 9 blocks and 4 Urban Local Bodies (ULB). The nomenclature reveals that the district is rich in resources locally referred to as Sambala. The district has rich mineral and forest resources. River Mahanadi flows through this district contributing to irrigation for agriculture, pisciculture, domestic water consumption, hydro-electricity production and industrial activities. The district is well known for Sambalpuri Handloom, Samaleswari Temple and Hirakud Dam.

The economy of Sambalpur district is basically dependent on agriculture and forests. Kendu leaf is produced significantly in Sambalpur. Kendu leaf is one of the most important non–wood forest products of Sambalpur and is also called as green gold of Odisha. Over last two decades, industrialization has started in the district and industries relating to power, alumina and steel have been established. The place is famous for its globally renowned textile weaving patterns and fabrics locally known as Baandha pattern weave. Sambalpur is famous for its handloom works, popularly known as Sambalpuri textile. It has earned international fame for its unique pattern, design and texture. Apart from textiles, Samabalpur has a rich tribal heritage and fabulous forestlands.

The important crops grown in the District are paddy, gram, lentils, sesame seed, groundnut, mustard, castor, linseed etc. Sugarcane is the most important cash crop of the district.

The literacy rate of Sambalpur district is 76.91%. Indian Institute of Management, Sambalpur University, Gangadhar Meher University, Veer Surendra Sai University of Technology (VSSUT), VSS Institute of Medical Science and Research (VIMSAR), Gayatri College of Pharmacy, Dr P.M Institute of Advanced Studies in Education, Lajpat Rai Law College, Sambalpur Nursing College are the most reputed educational institutes in the district.

The district observes many festivals round the year. Sital Sasthi, observed in June, is the marriage ceremony of Lord Shiva and Parvati. Nuakhai is the most important social festival of the District. Other religious festivals which are observe include Bhaijiuntia, Puajiuntia, Shiva Ratri, Dola Yatra, Durga Puja, Janmanstami, Diwali, Ganesh Puja and Saraswati Puja.

SHGs in the district participate in district and state level exhibitions and melas for display and sale of their products.

Community Institutions
Name of the ICDS Project Name of the BLF Leader No. of GPLFs No. of SHGs
Bamra Mission Shakti Federation Pre – Puspalata Patel
Sec – Minati Ghosh
17 1554
Jamankira Block Level Mission Shakti Federation, Jamankira Pre – Binati Mohanty
Sec – Laxmibala Bohidar
21 1992
Maneswar Matrushakti Pre – Mithila Bag
Sec – Ketaki Behera
0 1276
KUCHINDA Block Mission Shakti Federation Pre – Romita Choudhuri
Sec – Rajeswari Deo
17 1509
Rairakhol Block Level Federation Rairakhol Pre – Banani Hansa 5 1108
Rengali Maa Durga Pre – Kailasini Bhoi
Sec – Lakshahira Sahu
11 1273
Dhankauda Bharatmata Block Level Federation Pre – Tilottama Seth 2 1307
Jujomura Shg Mahasangha Pre – Santosini Patra 18 1267
Naktideul Block Stariya Shg Mahasangha, Naktideul Pre – Rajani Sahoo 14 1023
Sambalpur Urban Gyanadip Project Federation Pre – Pankajini Oram   1522
District Team
Unit Name Designation Official Mail ID Contact No.
District HQ Smt. Geetanjali Mahapatra DSWO 9437566123
District HQ Smt. Minati Panigrahi DMSC 9437563716
District HQ Sri. Niranjan Panda DPC 9437305022
District HQ Miss Sunita Naik DPAcA 9438469638
ICDS – Bamra Smt. Meharunnisha Begum CDPO 9437220695
ICDS – Bamra Smt. Lily Pradhan BMSC 9437219500
ICDS – Bamra Sri. Suman Kullu BPC 7077877970
ICDS – Bamra Prem Esthar Kerketta BPAcA 7750863250
ICDS – Jamankira Smt.Sabitri Kumura (Incharge) CDPO 9437249860
ICDS – Jamankira Sayanti Bhoi BMSC 7978170461
ICDS – Jamankira Sanat Kumar Behera BPC 9861639631
ICDS – Jamankira Chudamani Padhan BPAcA 6371793950
ICDS – Maneswar Smt. Meeta Sharma CDPO 7327801285
ICDS – Maneswar Smt. Minati Dash BMSC 7008155628
ICDS – Maneswar Miss Puspanjali Seth BPC 7077335514
ICDS – Maneswar Jyotsna Naik BPAcA 8328922924
ICDS – Kuchinda Smt. Sabitri Kumura CDPO 9437249860
ICDS – Kuchinda Smt. Kalpana Behera BMSC 8327767124
ICDS – Kuchinda Praful Kumar Kindo BPC 9439520072
ICDS – Kuchinda Asish Kumar Pattnaik BPAcA 8759056359
ICDS – Rairakhol Miss Namlen Gudia CDPO 9438095107
ICDS – Rairakhol Smt. Rebati Behera BMSC 9556071207
ICDS – Rairakhol Smt. Lopamudra Mohanty BPC 7008999970
ICDS – Rairakhol Ajit Kumar Behera BPAcA 8249641966
ICDS – Rengali Smt.Darsani Ekka CDPO 9438075995
ICDS – Rengali Smt.Soudamini Patra BMSC 9437392270
ICDS – Rengali Narendra Kumar Meher BPC 8917519808
ICDS – Rengali Anita Bag BPAcA 7749957370
ICDS – Dhankauda Puspanjali Mishra CDPO 9437345886
ICDS – Dhankauda Nirupama Dash BMSC 9348392044
ICDS – Dhankauda Sarda Singh BPC 9776365566
ICDS – Dhankauda Assem Bharadwaj BPAcA 8297683164
ICDS – Jujomura Smt.Sabita Nayak CDPO 9937477547
ICDS – Jujomura Miss Ahalyarani Dip BMSC 8249832634
ICDS – Jujomura Smt. Nayana Kumuri Sahoo BPC 8763905005
ICDS – Jujomura Abhismit Pradhan BPAcA 8018211450
ICDS – Naktideul Khirabdi Pandya CDPO 9437869974
ICDS – Naktideul Jharana Munda BMSC 9556447436
ICDS – Naktideul Vacant BPC    
ICDS – Naktideul Vacant BPAcA    
ICDS – Sambalpur Urban Bijaya Mishra CDPO 9437392480
ICDS – Sambalpur Urban Smt. Arati Singh BMSC 8763581503
ICDS – Sambalpur Urban Vacant BPC    
ICDS – Sambalpur Urban Vacant BPAcA  
District Initiatives
  • 77 WSHGs have been registered as PPAs for NTFP Collection


District Photo Gallery